Halloween [2017]

Halloween in our household is something I always try to make a big deal about. I love to buy pumpkins, carve them and create Emily a Halloween basket. I don't know why I just really love Halloween but no as much as I love Christmas, I guess that's another subject. We visited our local farm shop and picked out the perfect pumpkins. I say we picked - but Emily dictated which ones we were going to get and although I was sceptical at first. The girl picked well!

We carved our Pumpkins the night before Halloween, Emily had so much fun pulling the pumpkin guts and seeds from the pumpkins, at first she wasn't sure at all. I don't think it helped that our pumpkins were kept on the balcony so they were freezing cold. It did take us forever to actually empty the pumpkins, but that is the fun of it, right?

Emily requested Miffy which is pretty easy and Poppy (from Trolls) who was not so easy. I'm pretty sure I say it every year, but next year I'm doing traditional pumpkin faces. Poppy very nearly broke me! It wasn't that she was difficult, its just she is SO small there were so many little parts to carve, and a few times I very nearly just put a big hole in the pumpkin. I'm happy to report that she did look AMAZING when she was finished, and I'm really proud of my poppy pumpkin but NEVER ever again.

With Emily being three, she was so much more excited for Halloween this year than she has been for past years. I think because she was more aware of what happened, she knew you could go trick or treating, and she remembered picking pumpkins from last year - and of course, her favourite thing. She was able to wear fancy dress ALL day. I mean what child doesn't think that is the best thing ever?

We actually went to a Halloween party in the morning, which made Emily's day even better, all of her friends were dressed up and they got to do Halloween activities, such as skulls and bones jelly sensory play and pumpkin carving. Emily just loved the fact everyone was dressed up and she got to see all of her friends. We then went over to Grandma's house to go trick or treating. I don't actually know anyone who lives around our area, so I decided that I would take Emily trick or treat somewhere familiar, Toni (Emily's god mum and my best friend) came along with us, which was really nice. As it meant I had someone to watch Emily or Isabelle while I was with the other one as Sam was working late. Also, Toni is one of Emily's favourite people so she couldn't wait to see her.

She got absolutely loads of sweets, three whole buckets full because she was so polite people kept giving her more things. It's safe to say they are all in a bucket in the cupboard and she doesn't have lots at once. We only knocked on 9 houses!

Emily decided after much deliberation that she wanted to dress up as a witch, she originally wanted to be a ghost but I couldn't find a costume in her size, so we settled for a witch. Isabelle also had a really cute little outfit. I found her a 'my first Halloween' outfit. Which was made up of a little long sleeved vest and some cute orange leggings which has spiders, pumpkins, ghosts and bats on. Safe to say we had an amazing Halloween and we can't wait until next year!

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  1. Awwww She's definitely got enough candy to last a while there ! :) we need To go trick or treating by your way lol x


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