Giving My Kitchen A Little Refresh!

If you are a regular reader, you will know just how much I love to be in the kitchen baking and cooking with Emily. There is nothing that makes me happier, I truly believe that the heart of our home is the kitchen, and I strongly believe that it is important to teach our children to bake and create new recipes while they are young - it's important life skills that they won't get taught at school.

Our kitchen isn't very nice, well it's basic and it does the job, but I have been longing to change it for so long. Especially our old battered worktops, I'd love nothing more than to replace them with gorgeous solid wood worktops. I'd also love to have a similar coloured floor and some white kitchen cupboards, doesn't that just sound dreamy? Although it might not be the most practical thing with young children.

Even though I'm not in a position to completely redesign my kitchen - I wish I was but unfortunately my landlord wouldn't be very happy to me doing that - there are ways you can update and refresh the kitchen, so I thought I would share with you the few things I plan on changing.

1. Give the kitchen a fresh coat of paint, I currently have a green colour in my kitchen which I really hate, I have hated it since we moved in but I've been focusing on other rooms and not had the opportunity to do anything about it. I really want to paint it a light grey colour, I think that it would really lighten up the room and make a huge difference.

2. Change the handles on the draws and cupboards, they currently are mismatched and look horrible. I have a feeling that it will look so much better and a lot less cluttered when they all match. It really is the little things that make a huge difference.

3. Update the worktops. As much as I would love to change my current worktops to some dreamy oak worktops, I can't do that right now. So I am planning on getting some kitchen worktop overlay, you simply stick it on top of your worktops and it gives it a whole new look. I think this will really change the whole feel and look of the kitchen, and give it so much character.

I'd love to hear what your top tips are to give your kitchen a little bit of a revamp?

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