Fuzzy Felts From John Adams [Review]

Do you remember Fuzzy Felts? These sets have been around since 1950, and I remember having a set myself when I was younger. I enjoyed nothing more than sitting at the table for hours creating different scenes.

John Adams still produce the same sets that they did back in 1950, so I was really excited to introduce Emily to them. We received the On The Farm set, but there are 15 other sets to choose from, giving you lots of choice and variety. Inside the box you get one A4 Fuzz-Felt board and four sheets of felt pieces; we also got some felt eyes that we could use to give the animals some eyes.

The only problem we had, was we had to remove the felt pieces from the sheets. I was worried that I would rip some, but that never actually happened - they are a lot stronger than they look. It actually took me quite a while to pop all of the pieces out, and Emily found that very frustrating as she really wanted to play with it straight away, I'd definitely recommend removing them from the felt sheets before you let your children have them.

Imagination has always been one of Emily's strong points, so I knew that she would love Fuzzy Felts. I always try to choose toys that will help her develop her imagination further, and that is exactly what this did. It was lovely to see her acting out scenes from our recent trip to the farm. It was lovely to watch her imagination grow and see the happiness in her eyes when she successfully re-in-acted one of her memories.

The Fuzzy Felts sets are from John Adams and are available to buy from all good retailers. They are about £10.00 per set.

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