Aden + Anais Swaddles & Sleepbag [Review]

I've mentioned on my blog before how much I love Aden + Anais. When they reached out and asked if I would like to review the Disney Bambi Swaddles and sleep bag, of course, I said I would love to. The print is absolutely beautiful, and the swaddles are my favourite product. They are so versatile and can be used for many things, such as swaddling, mopping up messes, to create shade, or even as a blanket. 

The Bambi collection is truly stunning. Aden + Anais vibrant hand-drawn designs feature original Disney art that has been water-painted for a beautiful vintage feel. The swaddles are breathable, versatile and soft as a mothers touch. The 100% cotton muslin swaddles simplify what can be a chaotic time. The muslins are pre-washed, so it is super soft from the start and stays that way wash after wash.

Isabelle absolutely loves the Bambi swaddles, I often lay her on top of them for tummy time, and she loves nothing more to look at the patterns. The print is quite bright and has bold black lines, so it keeps her interested for ages. She has also taken to rubbing the muslins against her cheek when she is trying to fall asleep.

Combining the magic of muslin with the wonder of Disney, the sleeping bag for baby captures the enchanting world of Bambi. With our breathable classic baby sleeping bags, there is no need to stress over loose blankets in the cot. It is impossible for little legs to kick off the 1 tog sleeping bag. It simply zips open from the bottom and goes on top of babies pyjamas. Can I just say I was amazed and impressed that it zipped from the bottom, it made night time bum changes so easy!

Isabelle is such a fidget in bed, that I had been wanting to try a sleeping bag with her for ages, I have to say I wasn't disappointed. No longer am I waking up 4-5 times a night to cover her back over. She is happy in her sleep bag and looks really comfortable and snug. It also gives me peace of mind knowing that she isn't going to be able to wriggle out of the sleeping bag during the night, or into it for that matter as it has two holes for her arms.

The sleep bag has become one of my favourites products, the print is gorgeous and the tog is perfect as it's not too thick meaning it doesn't get too warm. Isabelle doesn't wake during the night anymore, I'm guessing because she doesn't get cold. I'd love to hear what your favourite product is, and what you think of the gorgeous sleepbag.


  1. Gorgeous photos! I love Aden + Anais products and I've bought plenty of muslins and swaddles for baby girl. I've even purchased the muslins in this print too, it's beautiful isn't it! x

  2. The Aden and Anaid swaddled are absolutely brilliant - the quality is fab! These prints are beautiful also :)

  3. Oh these are so pretty!! I love the patterns, mine all loved being swaddled. xx

  4. There's are gorgeous! I've found lots of independent companies that sell pretty designs like this xx

  5. These are really so, so pretty. I love them. Su


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