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Emily turns three soon, and she is growing up in more ways than I like. One of the things that she has been asking for lately is her own plate. I have more IKEA plastic plates than I like to admit, plenty of character ones too but she doesn't like them. She asks for a big girl plate, like ours. I have been searching for a dinner set that will make her feel like she is a real big girl, and keep her happy.

During my search, I stumbled upon Lions Home, which is an online platform revolving around beautiful home furnishing and livings. They work daily to inspire users with great design ideas, trends and helpful tips on how to decorate your home. The kind of website I really needed to find, it has a variety of beautiful and unique products that are enough to tempt and inspire anyone. Anyway, I thought that I would share with you the beautiful hidden gems I have found, just incase you are looking for some inspiration just like I was.

Fairy Letters Breakfast Set
This China breakfast set features a really gorgeous pattern with a cute fairy design, you can choose the first letter of the child's name which will then appear on the mug bowl and plate, which really appeals to me as I could buy a set for both the girls and there wouldn't ever be any confusion over whos is whos.

Dinosaur Dinner Set
Emily is crazy about dinosaurs so I know this one will suit her perfectly, I also love that it comes with an egg cup, I'm not too sure why, but they are really hard to find these days - I thought everyone needed egg cups but maybe I'm mistaken?

Peter Rabbit gift set
While I absolutely love this little set and Emily is a huge Peter Rabbit fan this seems more like a gift you would give a baby at a christening, one they wouldn't actually use. I adore the design but I know full well I would be too terrified to use it.

The Gruffalo
I can imagine this set would be really popular amongst most children, who doesn't love the gruffly? While I love the design, I'm not really sold on it. I feel like Emily would constantly be putting her dinner onto the table so she could see the picture on the plate. Does anyone else's child do that?

Ballerina dinner set
This one is very similar to the dinosaur set I mentioned above, just like that one it has an egg cup (bonus points). I do love the ballerina design but it is very pink. Emily has been a little obsessed with ballerina's lately since the release of the new ballerina film.

I would love to hear which one is your favourite, I really wanted to find a bunny set but I couldn't find one, So I guess the hunt will carry on for a little while longer.

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