Saving Money On Birthday Shopping

Emily turns 3 next week, and I have been in full birthday preparation mode. I have been searching for bargains, buying presents, and birthday party supplies. The thing is, it can be really expensive and the cost of these things soon add up really fast, I have managed to save quite a bit of money by making some small changes and I thought that I would share those with you, hopefully, I will inspire you to get a bargain too!

Shop in the sales
I know this sounds so obvious doesn't it? but did you know that most shops always have a clearance section no matter the time of year, you just have to have a little look for those sections as they are not always obvious. There are bigger summer sales and end of season sales, but I have found the bargains go really fast. It was so much easier for me to get the bargains I wanted from the clearance sections throughout the year, as people often dismiss them.

Use vouchers
There are so many voucher websites out there, my favourite being VoucherSlug. VoucherSlug is a small team of deal finders, voucher hunters and general money saving guru's based in Europe. Their task is to help people save money. I actually managed to find a great Groupon discount code for bowling, which I booked for Emily to do on her birthday. She absolutely loves bowling and I know that she is going to love the treat - I also love the fact it was a fraction of the price. VoucherSlug has lots of different categories on their website so you will be sure to find whatever type of voucher you need, from footwear to electricals.

Shop around
Never settle for the first price you see, always shop around and see where it is cheapest and of course make sure you check for those vouchers. I guarantee you that you will no doubt find the exact same product for cheaper on another website. Also, make sure you check for price matches, some companies love to keep up with others, so if you do find it cheaper but don't want to use that particular retailer - see if they will price match it.

Re-gift unwanted gifts
If you or your child receives a gift that is unwanted, never throw it away, what may not be for you, will suit someone else. I always make sure that I have a little stash of gifts encase I miss someone's birthday or need something in a hurry.

Keep all of your gifts in one place
There is nothing more infuriating than not being able to find something you know that you have. I often stash away presents and then forget where I have put them, I have now started to keep all my pre-purchased gifts in one place making it easier to find them when it is time.

I would love to hear your money saving tips, is there anything that I can do to save money that I haven't thought about?

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