Isabelle's 2 Month Update

Isabelle has just turned two months, and I have to say that things are finally starting to settle down, not just Isabelle's mood and routine, but Emily too. I feel like the first 6-ish weeks were the hardest, as Isabelle just cried constantly, Emily was not happy about it, she constantly wanted to give Isabelle cuddles but didn't like the fact she was crying so edged away from her a little bit.

It turns out that the reason for all of the upset, belly pains, rash on her face and trouble going to the toilet was an allergy - she has cows protein milk allergy. Long story short (if you want the longer story I have another post about CMPA) Isabelle has gone onto a prescription milk, which she has adjusted to really well, she seems like a completely different child since she started it. She also has been referred to a dietitian and a paediatrician.

Isabelle has since slept through the night since she has changed milk, she really is doing fab now. She has a feed and falls asleep at about 11.30pm, and then will sleep through till 6.30-8.30am. I would love to say that means I am getting lots of sleep, but I would be lying as it is far from the truth. My insomnia has kicked in really bad again, and I also sit up most of the night checking that Isabelle is ok, even though she is, and is fast asleep I can't stop the anxious thoughts.

We got our first smile this month, and since she first smiled she honestly hasn't stopped. It was really nice that she waited until both Sam and I were around her to show us her first smile, Emily used to do the same. She is such a happy child, full of wonder and curiosity. Emily gets the biggest smiles, all Emily has to do is say her name and she looks up at her with massive smiles. You can read about Emily and Isabelle's sibling relationship in my monthly sibling post.

Isabelle has been responding to her name, she often looks around for the key people in her life too (Sam, Emily and I). She really doesn't like it when you leave the room, she will start to whine and cry if she can't see at least one of us. She is really alert and doesn't like napping through the day. I'm not going to complain though as her sister was exactly the same and she is sleeping through the night.

She is still in size 2 nappies, and up to 3-month clothing (or 0-3 months). Isabelle has also taken a real shining to her bunny, she absolutely loves it, and often cuddles it or chews on the ear. She definitely takes after her sister in that sense.

Isabelle has been to the zoo for the first time this month, she has also been to Gulliver's land, and the fair, although she isn't going to remember it, it has been quite a busy month for her. We are also going on our first family holiday soon too.

Her sister
Bath time

Getting out of the bath
Taking a nap

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