Every Moment Counts

Growing up I didn't have the best relationship with my parents, for whatever reasons they may be. When I became a parent myself, I knew that I wanted my girls to know how much they meant to me, and to always have a good relationship with them, no matter how hard that may be. Since Emily has been born, we really have made every moment count. We have taken holidays, done lots of things together, things that I hope both the girls will look back on, and remember. Remember how much fun we had, the laughs we shared, and how much her dadda and I love them both, unconditionally.

When Families got in touch and asked if I wanted to get involved in their #EveryMomentCounts challenge, of course, I said yes. I love nothing more than taking pictures and capturing as many memories and moments as I can. This year I have been making more of an effort to try and be in the pictures too, as I always seem to be behind the camera. The challenge was to take a picture every day for a week, capturing little family moments. As you may know last week we were on holiday, so I was snapping away anyway.

We went to Butlins this week, it was so lovely to spend some time together as lately, it has felt as if we are passing ships. Sam's been working, and both the girls have been keeping me awake most of the night, so when he comes home we tend to go through the motions and then head to bed early, meaning we don't really get to see each other. Our holiday was definitely much needed, it's just a shame that the only picture we managed to get, we were all squinting because of the glaring sun, Isabelle was looking the wrong way, and Emily was hiding behind her arm. One day I'm sure we will get a nice family photograph.  

It has become a little tradition that whenever we head to the beach, we always treat Emily to an ice cream. I remember growing up, I always had ice cream at the seaside, so it felt right that we carry on that tradition with Emily, and Isabelle when she is older of course. Emily was delighted that the ice cream man had sprinkles.

There is nothing better than seeing your children happy, witnessing them laughing and giggling uncontrollably. After all, a day without laughter is a day wasted. Emily absolutely loved the fairground on holiday, I'm so glad that it was included in our package, as it would have cost us a fortune if we had to pay for each individual ride. She asked to go on the rides over and over again.

There is nothing I love more than watching these three bond, seeing how much of a great dad Sam is, makes me love him even more. They truly are the most important three things in my life.

If you ask Emily what her favourite part of her holiday was, it was the fact she got to meet the Teletubbies. She couldn't wait, I thought she would be a little shy but she wasn't at all, she ran straight up there gave them hugs and even held their hands for a picture. I couldn't be more proud of my fiercely independent little girl. Isabelle loved the Teletubbies equally as much. Pretty sure it's because they were so colourful

There is no greater love, than the love between siblings. You can see from the way Emily looks at her baby sister, just how much she loves her. 

While on holiday, I was in the bathroom cleaning up after changing Isabelle and she spotted her reflection in the mirror. This was her little face, full of curiosity and amazement. She couldn't work out if it was another person or if it was her - which it was.

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