Emily's Birthday Wishlist

Emily's birthday is fast approaching, and I can't quite believe that my baby girl is going to be three. This year she is so excited about her birthday, she has asked for particular things and knows that she is going to get a cake and balloon. She will tell anyone who listens that she is having a strawberry cake, with candles, as she is going to be three, and she is going to blow the candles out. I'm literally so excited for her this year, but sad that she is getting another year older at the same time. I thought that I would put together a little wishlist of things that Emily has asked for, or has talked about recently.

Miffy Books
Emily has really developed a love for Miffy, she was kindly sent a Miffy soft toy which she has been carrying with her wherever she goes since it got delivered in the post. When I asked her what she would like for her birthday, one of the things she asked for was books for bedtime - we have a selection of books on her bookshelves which are strictly for mummy or daddy to read. When I asked what type of books she would like she said Miffy, so of course I set about looking for some. I found a bargain on the book people, of these set of 10 Miffy books for the bargain price of £11.99

Honey Bee Tree Game and the Hungry Hippos Game
Now that Emily is older, she has a lot more patience for things, She has a few orchard toy games which she loves to sit and play with Sam and I. A while back I caught her watching a video on youtube of some children playing hungry hippos, I asked her if she would like it and she said yes, so I ordered it for her and put it up for her birthday. I then stumbled upon the Honey Bee Tree game which I really liked the look of, and I thought that it would be nice for her to build up a little collection of games for us to play as a family.

Paw Patrol Kinetic Sand and Pink Kinetic Sand
Emily has been obsessed with Kinetic sand for as long as I can remember, she often asks to play with it, and its so handy to have, especially with a young baby as she can get it out herself and it pretty mess-free.You can simply pick up the dropped sand and pop it back in the tub. However she is running a little bit low, so I brought her a top up packet, which led me to see a Paw Patrol set

Dr Miffy
Emily saw this Dr Miffy a little while ago and asked for it. She has been in love with Miffy for as long as I can remember and wanted this to add to her collection. I have been looking for it everywhere and I am yet to find it, I'm hoping that I will be able to find it on eBay.

Paw Patrol Pyjama
We saw these pyjamas during the Aldi baby and toddler event. Emily fell in love with them as soon as she saw them and asked if she could have them for her birthday, I managed to get them for her without her seeing them. I actually brought both the boys and girls pair, it does infuriate me that you have to buy the boys pair to get the other characters, I'm not sure why they cannot just make unisex ones, but either way, I know that she is going to be so happy when she unwraps them.

Teletubbies Superdome
Emily watched a YouTube video of another child reviewing the Superdome, and since then she has been asking for it. She already has the teletubbie figures and loves to role-play with them to make up stories to go with what they are doing. I thought that the Superdome would aid her play, and I know that she will be really excited to unwrap it on her birthday as she has been asking for it constantly.

Lanka Kade 1-25 Jigsaw
We brought Emily a A-Z alphabet Lanka Kade jigsaw in the sale which I hoped to put away for her Birthday, the problem was Emily saw it get delivered and wanted to play with it straight away. She is really into learning and these are a great tool for that. She can now do the A-Z jigsaw by herself, and wanted a new challenge. I know that she can count to 20, but number recognition is something she hasn't quite mastered yet, so I thought another jigsaw would be perfect for her, After showing her the various designs, she has requested the crocodile one.


  1. sounds like a list that my daughter would love too - she is mad about anything paw patrol!

  2. Aaaw I love Birthdays at this age - so much easier than when they're a teenager x x

  3. Love birthdays at this age where they are excited and understand the fun of it asking for gifts but before they start asking for expensive tech and big brands. Hope she has a lovely birthday.

  4. This is a fab list! I'm sure Emily will love them all. I hope she's had a great day! X


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