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Gift Guide For A Three Year Old

Emily is three! I can't quite believe it, when you have children they say that time flys and they were not kidding. It has gone so fast. I found this year so much harder when picking a gift for Emily. She had asked for a few things, but they were only small things. I searched and searched for things that would make good gifts for Emily, and thought that I would share with you a few of the things I ended up getting for her.

Did You Know Each Flower Has Its Own Meaning?

I'm not really a flower person, and I never really have been. I grew up listening to my grandad tell me how flowers are a waste of money, as you pay for them and then watch them die. I never really second-guessed that statement really. Sure they are beautiful, and I love wildflowers, but I wasn't really interested in bouquets of flowers - that was until I met Sam's nan. I have never met a person who loves flowers more than her. She loves to be out in the garden planting and growing new things, she appreciates the things I barely noticed. Nothing makes her happier than receiving a bouquet of flowers for her birthday or mothers day.

Every Moment Counts

Growing up I didn't have the best relationship with my parents, for whatever reasons they may be. When I became a parent myself, I knew that I wanted my girls to know how much they meant to me, and to always have a good relationship with them, no matter how hard that may be. Since Emily has been born, we really have made every moment count. We have taken holidays, done lots of things together, things that I hope both the girls will look back on, and remember. Remember how much fun we had, the laughs we shared, and how much her dadda and I love them both, unconditionally.

Emily's 3rd Birthday [Ordinary Days]

It feels like yesterday that I gave birth to my gorgeous blue-eyed little monster, and now she is three, I can't believe how fast the time goes, and how much she has grown, changed and developed her own little personality in such a short space of time. Shes, not a baby anymore, she is a little kid, and I couldn't be more proud of her.

Milk Monster [Review & Giveaway]

We were recently given the opportunity to review a Milk Monster timer, which I honestly couldn't wait to test out. I'm always forgetting how long Isabelle's milk has been out for, and rather than risking it I end up throwing it away - which is such a waste if I'm honest. 

Summer Bucket List Recap

With the end of summer almost upon us, although it hasn't felt like summer for so long - I thought I would do a little recap of our summer bucket list as we have managed to tick off quite a few things. We didn't get them all done, because obviously I had a baby, eek. I wanted to share with you the few things that we had done, I had so much fun ticking things off, and it helped me stay more focused and rather than saying 'what shall we do this weekend' and then debating all day what we would do, we just picked something off the list, and went out to do it!

Mini Toad In The Hole #HealthyRedMeat

Finding healthy recipes that your children love isn't an easy task, it is almost as hard as getting your toddler to try a new food. I learned pretty fast that the only way to get Emily to eat vegetables was to hide them in her food - meaning we have lots of hidden veg in our casseroles or pies. What they don't know can't hurt them right?

The other thing I have found really helps is getting your child involved. Emily loves to cook and bake, whenever I head into the kitchen, it doesn't take her long to follow me and ask to help. I have also found that she is more likely to try new foods if she has helped to make it - bonus if you ask me.

Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker

We were recently given the opportunity to review the Fisher-Price Infant to Toddler Rocker, and I was really excited to see if Isabelle would like it. She has a bouncer at the moment, which she likes for about 10 minutes and then gets bored. It isn't very bright, and although it looks lovely, she just doesn't seem all that interested in it. The Infant to Toddler Rocker couldn't be more different from Isabelle's bouncer so I knew that she would love it!

Places We Would Love To Visit [Bucket List]

My girls haven't been abroad before, I want them to be old enough to appreciate and remember a holiday abroad, plus there are so many places in the UK to visit that we just haven't felt the need to venture abroad yet. I personally am not a fan of the warmer weather, I much prefer the cold but dry days - luckily for me, Sam is the same.

Emily's First Cinema Trip [Ordinary Days]

Emily's birthday was on Tuesday (12/09), and she was so excited - she couldn't wait for cake and the fact daddy is off work for a few days and I have heard about it every day. Emily's Grandad, Nanny and Bobby came to visit the weekend before, to spend time with Emily before her birthday due to the fact they live so far away Emily doesn't get to see them as often as any of us would like. Since they were down, we obviously wanted to do something special that Emily would remember. We were going to go bowling, but it is quite expensive and we have already taken Emily before so I wasn't too sure if she would enjoy it as much as last time.

Paradise Wildlife Park

We were kindly given the opportunity to review a day out at Paradise Wildlife Park, which is fairly local to us. It is a place that both Sam and I have wanted to take Emily for a while, due to the fact Sam has visited there many times when he was younger. Emily was so excited to be heading to the zoo, and the first thing she asked was if there were penguins - which she was delighted to find out there was!

Happy 3rd Birthday Emily!

Our, Em-bug.

How is it possible that another year has passed, it feels like yesterday I was sitting down to write you a letter on your birthday. I can't believe how much you have changed and grown in just a year. I know that you think you're a big girl now, and you don't need your mama and daddy anymore - but I can assure you, you do. I wish you would stop being so stubborn and let us help you a little more.

Tableware Wishlist

Emily turns three soon, and she is growing up in more ways than I like. One of the things that she has been asking for lately is her own plate. I have more IKEA plastic plates than I like to admit, plenty of character ones too but she doesn't like them. She asks for a big girl plate, like ours. I have been searching for a dinner set that will make her feel like she is a real big girl, and keep her happy.

Bumbo Changing Pad [Review]

We were recently asked by Bumbo if we would like to review the changing pad, of course, I said yes. We went through about 5-6 cheap foam changing pads with Emily, at the time I wasn't too worried as they are cheap, but these things soon add up and it ended up being costly. This time I wanted a changing pad that would last.

Saving Money On Birthday Shopping

Emily turns 3 next week, and I have been in full birthday preparation mode. I have been searching for bargains, buying presents, and birthday party supplies. The thing is, it can be really expensive and the cost of these things soon add up really fast, I have managed to save quite a bit of money by making some small changes and I thought that I would share those with you, hopefully, I will inspire you to get a bargain too!

Emily's Birthday Wishlist

Emily's birthday is fast approaching, and I can't quite believe that my baby girl is going to be three. This year she is so excited about her birthday, she has asked for particular things and knows that she is going to get a cake and balloon. She will tell anyone who listens that she is having a strawberry cake, with candles, as she is going to be three, and she is going to blow the candles out. I'm literally so excited for her this year, but sad that she is getting another year older at the same time. I thought that I would put together a little wishlist of things that Emily has asked for, or has talked about recently.

iSwaddle [Review]

When I found out I was pregnant with Isabelle, babywearing was one of the things I really wanted to try out. I had real trouble bonding with Emily when she was first born (due to a difficult labour and PND amongst other things) so I figured the closeness of babywearing would really help speed up bonding with Isabelle. I kindly got offered to review the iSwaddle, and of course said yes, as I not only loved the look of the product, but I also thought it was a really affordable price too.

Isabelle's 2 Month Update

Isabelle has just turned two months, and I have to say that things are finally starting to settle down, not just Isabelle's mood and routine, but Emily too. I feel like the first 6-ish weeks were the hardest, as Isabelle just cried constantly, Emily was not happy about it, she constantly wanted to give Isabelle cuddles but didn't like the fact she was crying so edged away from her a little bit.

Siblings [August 2017]

I love writing these posts every month, even though Isabelle has only been in Emily's life for two months, it's clear to see how much they love each other and how much of a strong bond they have. Now I'm not going to sugar coat it, adjusting to having two girlies have been hard, especially as the age gap is quite close in my opinion. Emily doesn't quite understand that she can't be all over Isabelle, when we tell her not to be so close, she thinks we are telling her off, or asking her not to be near her at all which isn't the case - it's just Emily likes to be right in her face, and when I say that I literally mean nose to nose. She is getting better though, especially as Isabelle is a hair grabber, usually it's my hair she goes for but she managed to get Emily's the other day, safe to say after that Emily wasn't interested in being so close to her anymore.

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