The Journey Through Egg Donation

When we started trying for a baby, I was young and nieve, I thought that it would be a straight forward thing and we could conceive quickly. However, we ended up having four miscarriages before being lucky enough to conceive our two rainbow babies. Having our miscarriages led me to start my blog, which then opened the door to other blogs, particularly parenting blogs. I learned so much about miscarriage, and baby loss through reading other blogs - I realised I wasn't alone. I also learnt lots about IVF and other treatments. The one thing I haven't really learnt much about was egg donation which is something that has always interested me. 

I thought I would share this infographic which gives an overview of the journey through egg donations, Choosing to go with an egg donor provides the parents with the opportunity to conceive and carry a baby via IVF by providing viable eggs from a third party source. The infographic not only gives some information about the process of egg donation but also its effects on IVF success rates and other aspects of pregnancy.

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  1. Egg donation is amazing isn't it? In truth, I'm not sure that I could do it, which makes me feel awful because it's an amazing thing to do, and I have huge admiration for those who do!


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