Siblings [July 2017]

Watching Emily and Isabelle bond has been the most heart warming thing, from the moment Emily saw Isabelle she has been besotted. There hasn't ever been any doubt in my mind as to how much Emily would love her sister, but seeing it, and the way they have bonded has really brought it home for me. I was, of course, worried about jealousy - like any parent would be. Luckily there hasn't really been any. Emily has taken it in her stride.

The first thing Emily said when she met her sister, was 'can I hold her' and ever since then, she has asked daily if she can hold her sister. Of course, we do let her and now every opportunity she gets she wants to lay next to her. She asks to help change her, feed her, and will even try to play with her. When we head out in the car, Sam and I get a running commentary on how Isabelle is from the back seat. She tells us if she is asleep, or awake.

One of the moments that I will remember forever, and that I managed to capture on a day in the life vlog, was Emily laying with her sister singing rock-a-bye baby. I often find her singing songs to her, but this time, Isabelle was wide awake, staring at her sister intently. It was the cutest moment.

Emily decided that her sissy is called 'Belle-bum' I'm waiting to see if the nickname sticks or it wears off, but its been cute listening to her call for her sissy. Emily also stops playing and runs to Isabelle's rescue as soon as she starts grizzling or crying. All I hear is the pitter patter of feet and 'don't worry sissy, Emily's coming, Emily's coming'. She then kisses her sister, and try's to give her the dummy to settle her, if that doesn't work she comes running to me to tell me she is crying.

My girls have become best friends, in the short three weeks they have been together, and it truly melts my heart. I always wanted a little sister myself, and never got one - so I'm glad that they have each other. I know they are going to argue, and squabble, but despite all that, I really do hope that the love and bond they currently have lasts forever.


  1. adorable photos of the two of them - Emily seems to be taking it all in her stride and getting on with being a big sister :)

  2. Such beautiful photos! You can tell Emily is absolutely besotted with her baby sister x

  3. Aw they are so cute together. I bet she is looking after her well.

  4. Aww adorable pics. Lovely that you caught that moment on film. I still remember the first time Eva held opheki. I can remember it so clearly. Wish I'd videoed it x


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