Picnic, Ice cream & Feeding The Ducks

Emily has been asking us to go on a picnic for about 3-4 months, it would be raining outside and she would still ask for a picnic. I felt really bad for her saying no all of the time, but the weather just wasn't right for it. When we finally did get better weather, of course, I said we could go on one, so we packed up this gorgeous wicker basket from flying tiger, and headed out for our picnic. I was really impressed by just how much I could fit into the basket - I have wanted a picnic basket for ages, and this one is perfect for us, as Emily is able to carry it.

Emily loved helping me pack up the picnic, she recently has shown a real interest in making her own sandwiches. She decided that she wanted to make a cheese sandwich and while it ended up a little squashed she did a real good job. Emily's Sistema Lunch cube is the perfect lunch box for Emily, it has a compartments either side, she used one side to put her sandwich and the other to put her cocktail sausages, Shaken Udder YogOaty and some Quavers. She also took her twistable water bottle which is one of my favourite products. It is the first water bottle I have found that doesn't leak and is easy for Emily to use.

We also took along our Sistema snack'n'nest pots, which we used to take some fruit, chocolate cornflake bites, and sausage rolls. I love these handy snack pots, you can literally fill them with anything. Emily popped all of these bits along with some Piccolo fruit pouches into her wicker picnic basket and we headed out. The YogOaty pouches were very popular with Emily, they are made with 100% natural ingredients and packed with real fruit, oats and British yoghurt.

We decided the best place to go would be one of our favourite local parks, Harrold-Odell country park. It is the perfect place to go for a picnic, as you can feed the ducks, walk around the lake and there is also a play park for the children to burn off some energy. Emily loves to search for the wood carvings of wildlife that are scattered around the park, which was carved specifically for the park.

The weather was lovely, and we had a lovely picnic. Emily enjoyed her lunch and ate two of the Piccolo fruit pouches. They have fast become her favourite fruit pouches to eat as there are lots of different flavours to try - Emily's favourite being Banana, Blueberry and Apple with a hint of vanilla. The flavours are delicious, yet so interesting - they all include a nod to their Mediterranean roots. Apple and Apricots with a pinch of cinnamon, Peach and apple with a hint of basil. I also love the packaging, its bright and eye catching.

Isabelle enjoyed having a stretch out in her new Diono Quantum while we walked around the lake - Emily loved peek-a-boo feature, as she could keep checking on her sister. We also treated Emily to a cheeky little ice cream as the weather was so beautiful. I can't believe the price of a 99 now though - when did they get so expensive? 

We finished our day out with feeding the ducks, something Emily loves and asks to do all the time. She was fine until the geese started to head our way, then she wanted to leave. We went to feed the ducks a couple of weeks ago and one of the geese got a little too snappy, and tried to snatch the bread out of Emily's hands, since then she has been terrified of gease, and asked to be picked up as soon as they headed towards her.

I was sent some of the products in this post exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


  1. The weather has been so temperamental. I am so glad you got to have that picnic. Beautiful photos!!

  2. Ah such lovely photos, looks like you had a really fun family picnic xx

  3. What a lovely day out , Wish we had a decent dry day for a picnic... fingers crossed! :)

  4. Such a fun day out. The picture of Emily looking through the pram hood is adorable!

  5. This is honestly my idea of the perfect day out with the boys...you can't beat a picnic in the sunshine and feeding ducks.Beautiful photos lovely xx

  6. Lovely photos, it looks like you had a great day out x


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