Miffy's Adventures With Emily

I posted about some Miffy products we were kindly sent a little while back, and since then Emily has been a little obsessed with Miffy. She has been watching Miffy's Adventures on Tiny Pop most nights and has been playing the Miffy World game - which might I add she absolutely loves!

If you haven't heard about the Miffy World game I would definitely recommend getting it for your toddlers. It reminds me of a children's version of sims. The app is aimed at pre-schoolers aged up to 5. It takes you through Miffy's day-to-day life, Emily loves to wake her up, get her dressed, brush her teeth and then play ball with scruffy (the dog encase you don't watch Miffy). You can also do a whole host of other things such as gardening, baking cakes and the new feature, painting. The app encourages independence and self-expression, benefiting a preschooler's development. It also helps to develop creativity and to improve fine motor skills in young children. The app costs £3.99 but in my opinion, it is so worth it, Emily has had hours of fun playing with the Miffy's World app.

Emily was kindly sent some lovely bunting, a soft toy Miffy, and some magnets for the fridge. All of which she loves and is so happy about. The bunting looks perfect under the girls bookcase and is a perfect fit in their bedroom as it is bunny themed. I love that is multi coloured and brings a bit of colour into the girl's neutral bedroom.

The beautiful Miffy soft toy is made from baby soft plush to ensure it is as soft as it can be against babies skin. Miffy looks adorable in her signature blue outfit, and is perfect for Miffy fans of all ages! Emily actually wanted to take Miffy to the park, so that is what we did. Since she got Miffy, she has taken her everywhere with her, she loves to involve Miffy in whatever game she is playing, and talks to her often. She even likes to tuck her into bed with her at night - she really has become her best friend.

I'm really impressed with the quality of the Miffy products, Emily has been asking for a Doctor Miffy for a while now, so I'm now on the hunt for one of those as it is the only thing she has asked for as a Birthday present. If anyone knows where I can get a Doctor Miffy, please give me a shout.

There are lots of other toys and books available as part of the Miffy range, which would make the absolute perfect gift for a new baby, or a Miffy fan - like Emily.

I was sent the product in exchange for this review, however, all opinions are my own.


  1. Wow Miffy certainly went on some adventures and the park is a great place to go and explore. I used to love Miffy when I was younger - so cute

    Laura x

  2. Ahh we love Miffy! Looks like your daughter has been having fun with him at the park!

  3. I remember Miffy from my childhood and I read the books with my own children. A classic that will never go out of date

  4. I remember loving Miffy when I was little


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