Isabelle's 1 Month Update

How is it possible that our little girl is already 4 weeks old, that is one whole month. It feels like we have had her in our life forever, but at the same time, I'm still learning what she likes and dislikes. In one short month, she has made best friends with her sister, although Emily already classed her as her best friend when she was in my tummy. You can read more about their relationship in my sibling post.

She is absolutely thriving, and we have a pretty good routine in place already - although I feel like writing that down is going to completely jinx everything! She is having about 4-5oz every 3-4 hours, but then she will sleep from 11 pm till 7-8 am. Which is a pretty good stretch, although I still am not sleeping as I keep waking up to check on her, or because my insomnia is keeping me awake.

We have just moved Isabelle into size 2 nappies, and she is in up to 1-month clothing. Although I think we may be moving up a size in clothing even though she has lots of room around her tummy, As she is so long that they are starting to look a little too tight on her feet and toes.

Isabelle had her first bath, and she absolutely loved it. She was so chilled out she actually fell asleep in the bath. Since then, she has now been sharing a bath with her sister, and it is so cute to see them together. Emily loves to use a second sponge we have and try to help wash her sister.

She can hold her head up confidently and has been for a long time. Family and friends often remark on how she isn't like a newborn baby, as she is so alert. She definitely has the stubborn streak that seems to run in our little family.

Her sister
Milk - she literally does not stop eating

Nappy changes
Being put down


  1. Ahhhh happy 1 month Isabelle!! Love her little G&R t-shirt, her mummy obviously has good taste in music ;) x

  2. Wow you have done so well getting her to sleep that long. She is beautiful in every way x

  3. Ah! She's so cute and scrummy!! You are doing so well and I'm sure her bond with Emily will get stronger and stronger!

    Maj xoxo

  4. Ohhh she is utterly adorable!! I love her T-shirt!! Amazing! Mine never liked being put down either! xx

  5. How did I miss you'd had her already?!?! Wow one month already!

  6. Beautiful little girl I can't wait to work on baby number 2

  7. Aww, Stephanie! She's just beautiful <3 How are you feeling? Not too tired I hope :)

    Louise x

  8. She is beautiful! Happy 1 month Issie ❤️ Xx

  9. Time goes so fast! I bet each day feels like forever but at the end of it you realise how quickly it has flown

  10. aww shes beautiful... miss my little ones being that small. Time flys by though hey. x


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