Gulliver Adventures & Puddles [Ordinary Days]

I don't know if I was feeling brave, or just being damn stupid, but I thought it was a good idea to go on a day trip to Gulliver's world of adventures with Emily and Isabelle by myself. Well, I wasn't completely by myself, I knew other people that were going, and I knew if I needed help it would be there but anyone who knows me will know that I am such a stubborn person and that I never ask for help. Carla (one of my lovely friends) was going too with her two kiddies, and I knew that she wouldn't be able to go on many rides as she is expecting a little girl later this year. It was nice to know that there would be someone I trusted to watch Isabelle from the side of the ride, while I took Emily on them.

I actually talked myself out of going that morning, I woke up early - as we were getting a coach, and it was absolutely tipping it down. I sat and debated with myself for a long time. I even text Carla to say I didn't think I was going to go because of the rain, and she said she was going to go regardless, and it dawned on me, I was actually trying to bail because I was nervous about taking the girls by myself. Not because I knew I couldn't do it, as I knew once I got there I would be fine, but because it would be the first time I had gone somewhere without having the safety net of a pushchair for Emily. Even though she hasn't used her pushchair for a long time, in the end, I decided to just go for it and I am so glad that I went.

I've never been to Gullivers before, and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount there was to do there, and the fact that Emily could go on pretty much everything (of course accompanied by an adult). The first thing we did when we got through the gates was head over to meet Gully the mouse. I didn't think that Emily would go up to him, as she is usually terrified of people dressed up, but she was fine. She headed over to him, all confident in herself held his hand and posed for a picture. I was so shocked but so proud of her. The whole day out made me realise just how grown up my baby was all of a sudden, I hadn't really noticed it before. I knew that she was getting bigger but she doesn't really seem like a toddler anymore.

Emily went on the merry go round, a car ride, a train ride, and even teacups. Which she told her Daddy all about when she got home, they were definitely her favourite. I went on with Emily and Carla's two children E and N. We actually got in trouble before the ride even started, did you know down to health and safety you're not allowed to spin the teacups until everyone is on the ride? how bizarre is that! We actually got told to stop, or we would have to get off the ride, eek. Once we did start going E and N had our teacup spinning at quite some speed. Emily was full of giggles, shouting faster, faster, then all of a sudden saying 'no stop I'm dizzy'. I managed to stop the teacup and we went the opposite way and she was full of giggles again.

E and N were absolutely brilliant with Emily, considering there is quite a big age gap between them and her, they were so accommodating to her and didn't lose their patience with her at all. They are going to make the best big siblings, and I'm so thankful that they were happy to have her tag along while they explored, N held Emily's hand practically the whole way around the park, and E played with Emily on the coach journey and held her hand through the gap (which was the most adorable thing ever).

Despite the fact it rained pretty much all day, we had a lovely day. I was also really impressed with the rain cover on my Britax. It held up really well and kept Isabelle dry. Speaking of Isabelle, despite a few grizzles she was pretty good too, she slept almost all day. We stopped and got something to eat in the all you can eat pizza and pasta restaurant. I was really impressed with the food. It was such good value for money, and there was something for everyone. If you are thinking of going, I would definitely recommend eating in there. The Mac'n'cheese was delicious. Emily ate a slice of pizza but then was determined to go back to playing on the rides. Clearly, she was way too excited and trying to explain to her we had to stop and eat was harder than I expected.

Emily had such a fab day she fell asleep on the coach on the way home, she did stay awake long enough to get two little toy dinosaurs and a dino hatching egg from the gift shop on the way out. We definitely are planning a return once the JCB section is opened, as Emily is obsessed with diggers and we saw a sneak peek of it which looked fab, Emily also asked to take her daddy back there.


  1. trips out without your other half can be mega daunting - but well done for getting out and going! It looks fun x

  2. Well done you for still going despite the rain! Glad you all had a lovely time xx

  3. We went there at Christmas and had such a nice day out - it looks like you had a great time! x

  4. It was such a good despite all the rain. All the children had such a wonderful time xx

  5. Ooo we have not been here before but it sounds amazing! Defiantly going to be adding this to my list especially with the JCB area coming! #ordinarymoments


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