Welcome To The World Isabelle [The Ordinary Days]

On Friday I was booked in for an induction, (due to the fact I was 41 weeks and 2 days pregnant) something that I hadn't shared with anyone else, not even family. Purely because I didn't want to be laying in a hospital bed waiting for something to happen, with all the added pressure of knowing that everyone was waiting to hear if our baby had been born. I was also really anxious about leaving Emily, although I know that she was with one of the people I trust the most. Emily was also super excited to be spending the day with her auntie Toni and meeting her baby sister - so she was not fussed about us leaving at all. I took one last bump photograph while I was explaining to Emily what was going on, after explaining that we were going to get her baby sissy, she gave my bump a kiss and said 'see you soon sissy'. The last thing Emily said to us as we were heading out the door was 'bye family'. I honestly think I was more bothered about leaving her than she was bothered about us going.

It didn't make me any less anxious though, we got to the hospital at 8.30am, and it turned out I didn't even need the induction as things were heading in the right direction by themselves. Which I was glad about, I had kind of been building myself up for the induction and then it turned out I got anxious and I didn't even need to be.  I ended up getting my waters popped, and then labour naturally took hold - which I am happy about because I didn't fancy having the hormone drip.

Isabelle Rose was born at 19.42, on July 7th, 2017, weighing 7lb7oz. All the 7's, and I am told that 7 is a lucky number. We definitely feel really lucky to finally be able to hold our much wanted second rainbow baby. I'm not going to go into my labour story, as it's not something I really feel ready to talk about just yet. She is perfect and has settled into our family with ease. We are absolutely besotted with her, and I can't get over just how much she looks like her big sister - they even have the same temperament.

Unfortunately, by the time that Isabelle was born, Emily was already tucked up in bed fast asleep, so she didn't get to meet her until the morning. I have to admit I did have a little cry that I wasn't going to get to see Emily until the morning, and having to spend a night apart from her is not something I was happy about, but I didn't have a choice and I knew I just needed to suck it up. The first night in the hospital with Isabelle was a breeze if I'm really honest. She slept the whole night, and only woke up twice for a feed! Although there were three other babies in the same bay, who cried pretty much all night, so I didn't get any sleep anyway.

Emily rang me first thing in the morning, and couldn't wait to tell me all about her day. She told me she had the best fun, and she ate pizza, pops and played in her ball pit. She also asked about her baby sissy, and we told her she would be coming to see us once she had her breakfast. She came in with Sam at 8.30am to meet her little sister. On her way up to the ward, she told everyone and anyone who would listen that she was a big sister, and she was excited. I was worried that once she met her there would be a little jealousy or shyness but there was none of that at all. She gave me the biggest cuddle, and then the first thing she asked was 'can I hold her'. Of course, we let her, and since that moment she has been so in love with her little sister. Every opportunity she gets she wants to lay next to her, help us change, feed or just cuddle her. They have become best friends, and it is impossible to separate Emily from Isabelle.

We were able to bring Isabelle home the same day, Emily was so excited that Sam had brought the car seat with him, we put it in the car a couple of weeks prior to her arrival so that Emily could get used to having the car seat in there. She has been talking about her baby sissy going in the car ever since we put it in the car and I knew that she would be really excited once she was actually in there. As soon as we put the girls in the car, Emily was beaming from ear to ear. The whole car journey Sam and I got a running commentary about how she was. She constantly told us if she was happy or sad. If her eyes are open or closed. She really does adore her. Isabelle is constantly following Emily's voice with her eyes, whenever she speaks she looks around for her. I often find Emily sitting next to her reading her books or showing her things.

The first day at home was a little chaotic, as we had to move around some stuff, and attach the crib to our bed as we hadn't actually done that - if you're expecting a baby, take our advice and do it before you have the baby. It is such a faff. We are slowly adjusting and settling in, hopefully, we manage to find some kind of routine before Sam goes back to work and leaves me with two under three by myself. I feel so blessed to have our two little rainbow babies, and I can't wait to watch their relationship blossom as they get older. I'm pretty sure they are going to be best of friends.


  1. Congratulations lovely!! She is gorgeous and I am sure Emily will be the best big sister xx

  2. Congratulations to you all! Isabelle is absolutely beautiful and you can tell Emily is absolutely smitten with her baby sister too! I hope you're both doing well xxx

  3. Congratulations to you all - she's utterly adorable and I love the picture of Emily looking out for her while they're in the car!

  4. Oh wow, she is beautiful! Huge congratulations!! x


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