Summer Bucket List [2017]

Every year, we put together a little bucket list. Things that we want to do over the summer. I often find myself having great ideas or big plans, and then forgetting them - meaning we never actually do any of the things we wanted to! This summer we are expecting a new addition, and we have a staycation booked for September, so rather than focusing on expensive days out, we are focusing on the little things. I thought I would share my summer bucket list with you, in case you wanted some fun ideas of things to do!
We recently took Emily bowling, and she absolutely loved it. I can't wait to take her again although it is a little expensive.
Explore a new country park
We often visit country parks, but I can't wait to explore a new one. There are lots on our list, but they are a little further afield than most, so I can't wait to explore a couple of new ones this year. 
Bake a cake
Visit the beach
Emily loves the beach, last year she spent most of the time building sand castles and splashing in the sea. She constantly talks about going back to the beach and I can't wait to take her this year - we are planning a day trip, and also having a little beach holiday in the UK in September which I know she is going to love.
Plant some flowers
Make our own afternoon tea
Make some fruit kebabs
Emily absolutely loved making fruit and pancake kebabs last year, I can't wait to recreate the activity with her this year and see if she will try a few new fruits while she is at it.
Take a trip to the zoo!
Strawberry picking
This was on my list last year, but we didn't get a chance to actually take her. I'm hoping that we will be able to make it this year - if our baby girl makes an appearance before the end of the strawberry season that is.

Go on a picnic
We love nothing more than packing up a picnic and heading to a country park, Emily asks to go on picnics constantly - no matter the weather. So I'm sure our summer is going to be filled with lots of picnics.
Get some family pictures
I want to make sure I get some lovely family photographs this summer, as it will be the first one that Emily is a big sister, and we won't be having anymore children - so I really want to capture as much of baby girl's newborn days as possible.
Make our own bird feeders
Go swimming
Paddling pool
Emily loves nothing more than splashing about in her paddling pool, although we live in a flat we are lucky enough to have an outdoor space, so I'm hoping to let her get out there as much as possible as she really does love to be outdoors.
Family day out
Make our own ice cream station
Last year we made ice cream sundaes, I brought some chocolate, fruit pieces and lots of ice cream. I then let Emily make her own creation and she had the best time. I'm really hoping to do that again with her this year.
Feed the ducks

What is on your summer bucket list this year? I would love to hear what you plan to do with the summer months, and if you are like me and love to squeeze as much in as possible.


  1. It sounds like you have some great plans...We are going to be doing some of the same too over the summer x

  2. Sounds like amazing plans here lovely. Definitely keep you all busy through the summer. We have some of them on our list too - which reminds me i need to write my bucket list post!


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