Siblings [June 2017]

In a few short days Emily will become a big sister, something that I have often spoken about on my blog. I am excited for her, to have a little play mate and a best friend growing up. I hope that she will have an amazing sibling relationship and that they will always look out for one and another - I also know that there is going to be lots of bumps and brusies on the way through. Raising two girls is not going to be easy, especially when they get to their teenage years.

I'm also really nervous about the adjustment period, and the reality hitting Emily, that this tiny, screaming, crying, whinging baby is here to stay. That she has to share her mummy and daddy, and all of her things. I know she is going to take it all in her stride - and no doubt she will be a superstar but it still is something that concerns me. After all she is only two years old, and a new baby is a big deal.

Usually these sibling posts are written once they have actually had their baby, and their oldest has a little sibling but I wanted to write this to document all the lovely memories and moments that Emily and her unborn little sister have shared already - because they really do have the most lovely bond and I want to remember that in years to come.

From the moment Emily found out I was pregnant, she was excited. She would ask to cuddle my bump - even when there wasn't one. She would tell anyone and everyone who would listen that her mummy was having a baby, and it was a girl called 'Rosie Rose'. Much to our surprise she turned out to be right and it was a little girl. I still find it spooky that she guessed that and got it right - I mean how could she of possibly known?

Emily spent majority of my pregnancy talking to her baby sister, she nick named her sissy and still till this day she will tell you her name is Rose (it's not by the way). They have such a strong bond already that our baby girl will only kick if her sister is poking my bump. As soon as Emily starts to talk to her she kicks away happily and does lots of big wriggles. I'm sure that once she is here they are going to be the best of friends.

I think my favourite memory of this pregnancy is always going to be our 16 week scan, it was the first scan where Emily actually came into the room with us. She saw our baby girl, and looked at the screen with absolute amazement. She also got her own little copys of the scan pictures which she would not give up! She now has it framed in her bedroom and constantly talks about the moment she saw her sissy. She shows everyone who comes to our house the picture of her baby sissy in mummy's tummy, and points to where the head, and feet are.

She has loved going to the midwife appointments with me, and has learnt so much by actually coming and sitting in the room with me. She tells the midwife that her sissy sounds like a horsey because her heart beat goes 'donk donk'. She also loves to use her stethoscope to listen to her baby sisters heart beat. Each time she places the stethoscope on my belly and hears it her eyes light up. I actually wrote a post about that called Dr. Emily if you want to read more.

I know that Emily is just as excited as the rest of us, and she will defintely make a amazing big sister - here is to hoping that she makes an appearance soon considering we are now in July and she was supposed to arrive in June.

Emily - I am so so proud of you, my little baby who has blossomed into such a lovely, kind hearted and caring little girl. You have been an absolute superstar during this pregnancy and I don't know how I would have got through it without you. Not only have you kept me laughing and giggling on my darkest days, you have also taken care of me and brought me tissue when I was sick. I'm so thankful to have you in my life - and I know in my heart you will make the absolute best big sister.


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