Giving A More Meaningful Gift

Gift giving is something that everyone I know does, no matter what the occasion - Birthday, Christmas, or even a new baby. While it is lovely to receive a gift, sometimes I think that the money could be used somewhere else in the world. There are a lot of countries and people who need it more, and I think as a parent it is so important to teach Emily to give back. Last year for her birthday, we let her adopt an animal. She is a massive animal lover, and it is something that she was really interested in. She loves the fact she got a little pack telling her all about her animal, and I like knowing that one day when she is bigger we will be able to tell her the importance of giving back, and the difference she made by adopting that animal.

Human Appeal is another charity who I find inspiring. They have been saving lives for over 25 years, by delivering aid and development programs that transform lives in the world's poorest nations. They have helped others to smile when there's little to smile about. Which I think is such a beautiful thing to do. Rather than just working with countries outside the UK, they have also been doing lots of work in the UK too, which I think is so important as there are many people in the UK that need that extra support and help.

So, what have they been doing?
Human appeal has been working across the UK in diverse thematic areas, including education and training, emergency flood relief, and domestic abuse. They are committed to helping people tackle social discrimination and creating positive social change amongst British people of all faiths and beliefs.

They have also been busy helping the poorest nations by providing hundreds of people with the tools they need to make a living. From vocational training centres, rickshaws and sewing machines to milking cows, honey bees and fruit trees. They are doing all they can to help others create their own pathways out of poverty.

Human appeal has also sponsored thousands of orphans globally. The vulnerable children from countries like Syria, Palestine, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other nations suffering from war, natural disaster and political upheaval, so it is vital they keep on supporting them.

There are many other things they have done too, and I would really suggest checking out their website to find out more if you want to know more. while this isn't something I normally talk about on my blog, I wanted to try and use my voice in a positive way. If one person heads over to Human appeal and donates, or even if this post has inspired someone to give a more meaningful gift such as sponsoring an animal like Emily did for her birthday - then I will be happy.

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