Toddler Cupcake Decorating Station

Create a fun, easy, cupcake decoration station for your children

As you may know from the various baking posts on my blog, there is nothing that Emily and I enjoy more than getting in the kitchen and rustling up some kind of cake or desert. This week Emily really wanted to make cupcakes, so I figured why not, they are super simple to rustle up, and take next to no time. I also got sent a bunch of cupcake decorating items from Dr. Oetker such as easy ice (ready made icing), giant chocolate stars, mini wafer daisies, chocolate sprinkles, and a can of ready to eat icing.

The ready to ice icing is such a good buy if your pushed for time, or not really a baker. You simply run the sachet under warm water for about 30 seconds or knead the sachet well for at least 1 minute until the icing is fully mixed and softened. You simply cut the corner of the sachet and squeeze onto the cake. I actually put the icing into a bowl just to make it a little bit easier for Emily. The icing is a bargain at 80p for 1 sachet and contains enough icing to do about 6-8 cupcakes. We had both blue and pink icing, Emily absolutely loved the independence of being able to ice the cupcakes by herself, and being so heavily pregnant I appreciated the convenience of having the icing ready made, rather than standing whisking icing sugar and water.

Emily also loved the tin of swirl cupcake icing, we had a vanilla one. The tin came with 5 different tops which simply skrew on. The only problem we had was Emily wasn't able to make the icing work, as much as she tried to push the nozzel to make the icing come out it, she didn't quite have enough strength to make it work. I had to help her out with this bit, but I didn't mind that. As I found it so easy to do, and it took literally seconds.

Finally Emily decorated the cakes with various decorations, the sprinkles were a firm favourite - but what two year old doesn't love sprinkles! Emily also really loved putting the wafer daisies on the cakes. I have used the daisies before but they were much bigger ones. These smaller ones make the perfect addition to cupcakes and you also get about 40 in a packet. Emily decorated a few cupcakes using the daisies but we still have plenty left over for another day. She also used a couple of the giant chocolate stars, but she much preferred to eat them than put them onto the cakes.

Overall, Emily had lots of fun doing this activity, it was really easy to set up and it was great to let her creativity take over as she was able to decorate the we cakes however she wanted with no lead from me - her favourite kind of activity. It also gave me five minutes to myself to tidy the kitchen while she was busy doing something she enjoyed. I would definitely recommend setting up a little cupcake decorating station for your little one. It is a great activity with limited mess - and who doesn't love cake?

You can find the recipe I used to make the cupcakes here if you need one.


  1. Aw cute pictures! I like the idea of the squirt frosting - perfect for little hands to help and get creative x

  2. Such a fab idea I'm yet to try any type of baking with Blake yet. I think decorating cupcakes would be a great start.

  3. What a lovely idea. My daughter would love this. She loves baking so this would be like a dream. Such cute pics x

  4. This looks fab! Sophie would love to do something like this! x

  5. You are such a lovely mummy Steph. I bet Emily loved this. My two love making cupcakes. I think their favourite bit is to like the mixing spoons afterwards! Your cupcakes look very yummy xx


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