Popcorn Fudge Brownie

These soft brownies with a blondie layer make the perfect treat for someone with a sweet tooth.

Dr. Oetker recently got in touch with us to see if we would like the opportunity to work with them, you may know that Emily and I love to bake together, so of course we said yes. A couple of weeks back we made some yummy chocolate chip muffins – if you haven’t already seen the recepie for those I would definitely recommend having a little look, they are so easy for a toddler to make! They also make a tasty treat for the family.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, Dr. Oetker have lots of yummy recipes on their website to help you create the perfect thing for your dad. Recipes such as Chocolate Guinness Cake, Caramel and chai spice cake, and Whiskey and Walnut cake just to name a few. We decided that we would make popcorn fudge brownies this time, as Sam has a sweet tooth and brownies are his favourite. While this recipe looks complicated it is actually really easy to make, and is broke down into three simple steps.


For the Brownie Layer:
150g Dark cooking chocolate
100g Unsalted butter
100g Dark brown sugar
2 eggs (medium)
100g Plain flour
For the Blondie Layer:
150g White cooking chocolate
100g Lightly salted butter
100g Caster sugar
2 eggs (medium)
100g Plain Flour
2 ½ml Dr. Oetker Caramel Flavour
For the Topping:
Dr. Oetker Easy Fill Cake Centres Salted Caramel
25g Plain Popcorn (Lightly Salted)

1. Grease and line a 20cm square cake tin
2. First make the brownie layer by breaking up the 100g of dark cooking chocolate into pieces and place it in a saucepan with the butter and sugar. Heat it gently, stirring occasionally until it is melted. 3. Remove it from the heat and cool for 10 minutes.
4. Whisk the eggs into the melted mixture to make a thick glossy batter. Sift the flour ontop of the mixture and gently mix all the ingredients together. Pour the brownie mixture into the tin and smooth it to the edges.
5. Leave the brownie mixture to chill for 1 hour.
6. Preheat the oven to 180˚C.
7. To make the blondie layer, break up the 100g of white cooking chocolate into pieces and place it in a saucepan with the butter and sugar. Heat it gently, stirring occasionally until it is melted. You will find that the melted mixture seperates during the melting but once the eggs and flour are added, the mixture will blend together again.
8. Stir in the caramel flavour and then carefully spread the blondie batter over the chilled brownie mixture.
9. Pop the mixture into the oven and bake for 35 minutes until it is slightly risen, lightly golden and lightly crusty on top – the mixture should be slightly soft underneath.
10. Leave to completely cool in the tin before removing it from the tin.

For the topping
1. Melt the remaining white chocolate in a bowl, add the popcorn and squeeze 50g of salted caramel cake centre and mix well to make sure that all the popcorn is coated.
2. Squeeze the remaining salted caramel cake centre over the top of the brownies and spread it right to the edges. Spoon over the caramel popcorn mix and spread it out so that the whole top is thickly covered.
3. Melt the remaining dark chocolate and drizzle it ontop of the popcorn. Leave to cool for a few minutes and then using a large bladed knife, cut the brownies into 16 chunky pieces.

While this recipe wasn't as straight forward as the muffin recipe, Emily had lots of fun trying to help me make the brownies. I let her do the topping and finish the brownies off which she really enjoyed. She also loved testing out the brownies and giving them to her daddy when he was home. Let me know if you decide to make these yourself!

- we were sent the ingredients for this recipe in exchange for the blog post, however all opinions are my own.


  1. oh wow, this looks amazing! My kids love popcorn, so a fun way to have a different version of it. Would be great for parties x

  2. Ooooh, these look really amazing! I would never have thought to have put popcorn on a brownie! x

  3. Oooh this looks delicious. Emily looks like she is really enjoying it too xx

  4. This looks absolutely divine! I've just saved it to Yummly so I can have a go at making it with Oscar one rainy afternoon :)

    Louise x

  5. Oh wow. That looks absolutely amazing!!

  6. These look delicious! It looks like Emily enjoyed it too, bless her! x

  7. Oh my goodness! This looks delicious. I will have to give this recipe a try xx

  8. mmmmmmm......yum yum!! These look SO tasty!

  9. Oooh these look yummy. Love the thought of a blonde layer x


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