Paddling Pool, New Toys & Nanny's House [The Ordinary Days]

On Saturday we ventured out to Sam's Nans, something we do often - especially during the summer as they have a lovely garden, and we live in a flat meaning we don’t have one. We do have a balcony which allows Emily to have a water/sand table and she often plays out there – but it isn’t quite the same is it?

Before heading over there I stopped in at Tesco, with a plan to get Emily a paddling pool so that she could play in it in the garden, over the past few weeks both us and her Nanny have been buying her garden toys. Emily will have a nice stash to play with over the summer months, and it means I don't have to take bags of toys over there whenever we visit. What I wasn’t expecting was to pick up such a bargain. I managed to get two little three ring paddling pools for £2 each! (Reduced from £4 each), I picked up one to leave at Nanny’s house, and one for Emily to play with on the balcony at home. I also picked up a frisby, foam ball, and an inflatable elephant bowling set (supposed to be £8 but it scanned at 8p!).

Emily was absolutely delighted when she saw her paddling pool - even if I didn't really think about how I was going to blow it up. We didn't have a electric pump, so I ended up blowing it up which wasn't the best idea at 36 weeks pregnant. Once it was filled up with water, she had the best time splashing about in the pool, she even got her Teletubbies involved in the action and chucked them into the pool with her tea set. She couldn't wait to climb in and make everyone tea. She also enjoyed playing catch with her Grandad, and she couldn't contain the giggles when the water splashed her in the face.

I loved watching her play, and hearing giggles fill the garden, it may seem like such a simple thing to most, but I hate that we don't have a garden for her to explore. Especially as she is such a outdoors child, and hates being stuck inside. While I am thankful we have roof over our head, and a balcony (so she does have some outdoors space) it isn't quite the same as her having her own garden. Hopefully one day we will have our dream house with a little garden for our girls to play in.

After playing in the pool for a solid few hours, she jumped out to play with her elephant bowling set, to be honest it was a good job she decided to get out as her skin was all wrinkly by this point and i didn't fancy wrestling with a strong willed toddler. Since we went bowling last weekend Emily has not stopped talking about going bowling again, so when I saw the skittles I knew I had to get them for her. She had so much fun standing them up and then knocking them down again. Each elephant has a number and the corresponding amount of banana’s on it, Emily had so much fun counting the banana's and lining them up in the correct order, so not only are they a great toy to play with - they also have a good education aspect to them which I love.

The icing on the cake for Emily was nanny declaring we could have dinner in the garden. We enjoyed fish and chips from a local take away, which Emily was delighted about, she declared it was a picnic, and was so happy to eat outside. It was actually a nice change for me too as it meant there was practically nothing to tidy up. Emily declared it as 'the best day ever'.

I'm not sure if it is pregnancy making me so emotional and hormonal, or I'm just going through a reflective stage in my life but I'm so thankful that Emily has Sam's family to depend on. Although I don’t have a great deal of supportive family to depend on (on my side) – I do have a good supportive bunch on Sam’s, who absolutely dote on Emily and make her feel special and loved at every opportunity they get, just like grandparents are supposed to. I will never take that for granted.

I had to share this last picture of Emily, while it is blurry and out of focus, everytime I see it it makes me laugh so much. It really captures our little girls personality. This was just before we were about to head home, so I got her changed into her favourite frozen night dressed, and Emily insisted on wearing her hat and carrying along her CD player. 


  1. It looks like Emily had a fantastic time in the paddling pool! And what a bargain!

    Lovely photos!

  2. £2! What a bargain! Paddling pools are always a hit, lovely photos :) x

  3. goodness that looks like so much fun!! and what a fantastic bargain!!

  4. What a bargin getting the elephant bowling set for 8p! It looks like she had a wonderful time in the pool. I really love being able to eat out in the garden now it's getting warmer.

  5. What fab bargains from tescos. I need to get the kids a little paddling pool as our last one burst! Hoping the good weather comes back first as all we've had is rain *sobs*

  6. Gorgeous photos! It looks like Emily had a fab time! x

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