Hotmilk Lingerie [Review]

Being pregnant is hard work, it's uncomfortable and your whole body changes. I have been complaining about being uncomfortable and unable to find comfortable underwear for a while now. That was until Hotmilk got in touch to see if I would like to review a few of their products. I, of course, said yes, after all, I had nothing to loose and they stocked bigger sizes than most. Pre-pregnancy I was an E cup, I have gone up to an F cup now, which makes finding lingerie really hard.

Hotmilk is a lingerie company that specialises in designing maternity and nursing bras that are 'empowering, feminine, practical and Sexy'. They were designed by mums, for mums which I love. I picked the show off nursing bra and matching briefs. I love that the nursing bras are suitable to wear throughout pregnancy, as well as being used as a nursing bra once your baby arrives. The bra has clips, which allows the nursing cups to fold down so you are able to feed your baby with ease. The clips are so easy to use but strong enough not to risk any nipple exposing accidents. 

I love the material that is used for the bra, it has 100% cotton lined cups for skin breathability. It is made from silky soft micro fibre and has a subtle lace detailing. I also love that the straps on the bra, are wider meaning that there is more support and added strength to support larger cups. The bra is practical but gorgeous, I love that it comes in a navy colour, and it honestly has become one of my favourite bra's, so much so that I have ordered another.

Considering I have bigger breasts than most, I was surprised how comfortable and supportive this bra was without any underwiring. When I first tried it on, I felt like I finally found an answer to all my problems, and my boobs had a decent shape back to them! The bra has 6 hooks and eye extension for ribcage expansion, meaning there is plenty of room for growth if you use this bra from the beginning of your pregnancy. The matching briefs are equally as loved, they have stretch fabric to ensure comfort, and have the same gorgeous detailing as the bra - nothing better than matching underwear to make you feel good, even if you are the only one who is seeing it. The briefs cut low to sit neatly under your growing bump, which I loved.

I was also sent a gorgeous pair on Enigma PJ pants - I felt so spoilt when they arrived. They are made out of luxurious fabric and are honestly one of the most comfortable things I have ever worn. They are soft, and breathable, with a stretchy band that cuts low to sit comfortably under your growing bump. They have a beautiful floral print, with a hot pink waist tie. I have to admit I am one of those people who live in their PJ bottoms when I have nowhere to go, so these PJ bottoms have been worn lots! While they are more pricey than I have previously paid for PJ bottoms, after testing them out I would definitely pay the extra money for them. I have washed them several times since I have got them, and they haven't faded or lost shape. They still look brand new.

Overall, I am really impressed with both the quality of the product and how comfortable they are. If you are currently pregnant or nursing, I cannot recommend Hotmilk's Lingerie enough. They are definitely worth checking out and I believe they are 100% worth the money! They have a brilliant sizing guide which includes instructions on how to measure yourself at home, so you are able to order online with confidence and ease. The only problem I can see you might have is what gorgeous design to pick!

I was sent this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


  1. They are lovely. Wish I had seen them while I was pregnant with Freddie. I ended up with Primark bras which were ok. But they only came in Black and White!

  2. Oooooh these look so cute! I've been nursing for 10.5 months and am fed up of frumpy sports bras!

  3. These look lovely, so much less frumpy than the usual maternity undies!

  4. These looks so pretty, love the lace. Nice to have something a little fancy when pregnant x

  5. Oh wow so pretty and especially as maternity items. I really need to invest in some new comfortable Lingerie, It is crazy how quickly your body grows once you are pregnant. xxx

  6. I love the look of these! And those pyjama pants look lovely and really comfortable x


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