Conquering Fears & Mummy Socials [The Ordinary Days]

Last week, Emily and I ventured out to a mummy social event that a friend Nichole had arranged. I was honestly so nervous to go, as I'm not a very social person which is strange because my daughter is the complete opposite. Emily will honestly talk to anyone and everyone which can sometimes be a little concerning, but for the most part its fine. For those of you wondering what on earth I am on about, mummy social is a app you can download. The aim of the app is to help mums find other mums in their local area, and it gives you the opportunity to reach out and message them, and arrange to meet up. It is helping solve isolation and loneliness across the UK.

Anyway, back to our day. Emily was thrilled to be going to meet other children, as I said she is very social and she knew that her little friend Mabel would be there. It's actually really strange to think that the girls were only about 6 months old when they first met, and although we have met up a few times, we are not very consistent so it constantly amazes me just how well they get on and remember each other.

The social was held at one of our local soft play areas, Play House. If you are local to Bedfordshire, I would definitely recommend checking it out. I have always heard great things about it but we had never ventured out that far, just because there isn't really a way to get there on public transport and I don't drive. Luckily Nichole came and picked us up - literally think I would have talked myself out of going if it wasn't for the fact I knew that she was picking me up at a certain time. Sometimes when you have depression and anxiety that is heightened by social situations the only way to go to these things is if you don't have a way out. Once I was there I was fine. I just built it up in my head so much that it became a terrifying, big deal. Which it really isn't - anyway I am rambling now.

The turnout was amazing, which I'm absolutely thrilled at for Nichole's sake, I didn't think that people would actually turn up, just because you never know how these things are going to work out. Sometimes people say they will come and then don't, or sometimes last minute plans change. I was also a little worried that it would be awkward but it really wasn't, all of the mums that were there wanted to be there, and I guess because we were all there for the same reason - there just wasn't any tension or awkwardness.

Emily and Mabel went straight for the toddler area, as soon as Emily saw the slide, she was made up and completely in her element, just like I knew she would be. She had no problem what so ever playing with the other children, honestly don't know where she gets her confidence from - it must be her dad because it certainly isn't me. Emily and Mabel soon decided that the toddler slide wasn't big enough for them, and headed over to the big area, tackled a monster of a big blue slide, and had the best time! They managed to climb to the top of the climbing frame unaided (I have to say I'm impressed considering they are only two, and it was a long way up!). I was a little worried at first, there is no way I would have been able to get up there to rescue Emily if she got stuck when I am so heavily pregnant.

The girls got on so well, you would think that they see each other three or four times a week just by the relationship they have. There was definitely very cute moments, like the time Mabel went for a bum change, come back and ran to Emily to give her a big cuddle, unprompted might I add - just because she missed her. I'm definitely going to try and make more of a effort to take Emily along to more mummy socials when baby girl is born. I know that it will do me the world of good, even if it is a little daunting and scary at first.

While the girls were playing it gave me the opportunity to sit and reflect on just how far I have come since I had Emily. When Emily was first born, I was so terrified of letting people hold her, not because they would hurt her, just because I didn't want them to do so. I have always struggled with going and meeting new people, so actually making it to a social was a massive step for me. I'm also happy to report that I didn't once have a panic or a wobble, I was completely fine and felt at ease. Sometimes I think I am a little too hard on myself and should give myself more credit, and that is exactly why I'm writing this - to remind myself when I think I am failing, or not doing good enough, I am doing my best, and my best is all that matters.

The social was actually sponsored by Munchkin, so the girls were gifted a little box, which was full of goodies that are definitely going to come in useful for picnics over the summer. Emily was delighted with her little box, as was Mabel - although they couldn't wait to compare what each other had! The box contained three apple divider plates, some folks and spoons, a miracle 360 cup, and the go bowl, which I have never seen before but has become my favourite product. The silicone bowl comes with a lid, and folds down flat when it isn't in use. So handy to just pop in your bag when your dashing out the door! If you get the opportunity to attend a mummy social, I would definitely recommend it, its a great way to meet other mummy's with children around the same age as your own.

I wasn't paid or prompted to write about this event, I just wanted to encase it encourages other mums like me, who suffer with PND to get the confidence to attend one and meet other people. Motherhood can be so lonely!


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  2. Love this post! Looks like your little girl had amazing fun with her friend! I love meeting up with friends with children the same age as mine - it's so fun and social, isn't it!

  3. Such a wonderful post. I am so glad you came and the girls had such a wonderful time. With PND I know it can be hard to get out so I am thrilled that you had the strength to still come. :-) x


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