Baby Girl's Hospital Bag [Baby Number Two]

For a while I have been meaning to post my hospital bag post, I have left it so much later this time around, I'm not sure why but I kind of got it into my head that with preterm labour I would be jinxing myself if I packed it sooner. I have finally got around to packing it (at almost 37 weeks - eek) So, I thought I would share what is inside my baby girls hospital bag. When I was pregnant with Emily I definitely over packed, this time around I feel like I know what I do and don't need, with that in mind I have definitely packed less stuff. I also feel a lot more relaxed about it this time as I know that if I have forgotten something, Sam will be going home to pick Emily up anyway, so he will be able to pick it up for me.

The bag that I am using is the Pink Lining navy bow rucksack. I have had this for quite a while, and didn't want to use normal changing bag - as I currently use that day to day for Emily's stuff. I have also got a separate bag for myself, just so when she is born, Sam can find everything that he may need for the baby without digging through my stuff too. It honestly helped so much to have our stuff separated into two bags when we had Emily.

4x sleepsuits: Due to the fact that baby is supposed to be small I have packed a few different size ones and I will have extra ones in the car just encase we need them, but I'm sure that I will have enough.
4x vests
1x knitted cardigan: My Grandma actually made this for baby girl, she made a similar one for Emily too, I thought it would be perfect to throw on to bring her home in.
3x hats: I love these knotted style hats, I think they are adorable and I love that they match the floral sleepsuits I have packed for her.
5x socks: While I don't think I will actually need them, it is better to have them jsut encase.

Rosa & Bo Muslin Swaddles I have to admit I fell in love with these gorgeous bunny print swaddles when I saw them, I tried to swaddle Emily and she didn't like it, but I did use the big swaddle size muslin's as blankets. I'm hoping that baby girl will like being swaddled as there is nothing cuter than a swaddled baby! I would really recommend checking out Rosa & Bo, I found them on Instagram and they have the most beautiful products, I currently have my eye on the matching bunny teether to put up for our baby girl when she is a little older. I have also added two little JellyCat bunnies. Sam brought Emily her first bunny, so of course he wanted to do the same for baby girl. Emily also wanted to pick a mini JellyCat bunny for her sissy - just like she has her little brown bunny. We were more than happy for her to do that, although the little grey one won't be in my bag, I will leave it with Emily, so she can bring it to meet her sister - I think it will be the perfect ice breaker for her.

Toiletries wise, I packed 10 nappies, these are in size 1. We went for the Mamia nappies as that is what we used for Emily. I'm sure that 10 should be plenty but if not Sam will have extra in the car just encase. I also packed a GroVia wet bag, these wet bags are usually used for cloth nappies, but I know it will be perfect for storing dirty clothes in while we are in hospital - I'm sure you all remember those delightful first few yucky nappies which seem to always stain clothing! I also packed some trusty water wipes. I used these with Emily, and honestly it was so much easier than messing about with cotton wool and water. I would definitely recommend getting some.

I popped this Mama Designs cellular blanket in as we used a cellular blanket with Emily. I adore the design of the grey blanket with a pink trim. It's going to be the perfect blanket to keep her cool as she is a summer baby and the weather is a quite warm at the moment. I also added a second blanket, which is 100% cotton, and knitted. I love the star print, and just wanted a second blanket encase the first gets dirty or something. I have also packed a Aden + Anais baby bath wrap, while we didn't get to bath Emily in the hospital, a towel came in really useful as we did wipe her over due to the fact her skin was really dry and we needed to put some cream on her. I also packed some Child's Farm toiletries just encase, Child's farm is a brand we use and trust. This Mini baby essentials set is perfect, it has everything you could possibly need including a little nappy cream - of course if we don't end up using it we will just bring it home to use.

The last two items I packed are baby girls red book, these used to get issued to you while you were in hospital. Recently they have changed this, and the health visitor comes out to your home before you have the baby to introduce themselves and issues you with all the information you may need and the red book before baby is born. I'm not sure if it is the same everywhere or it's just our area that does this. I also packed these Milestone Cards by Belo and Me. I can't wait to use these! There is a variety of cards in the pack from welcome to the world, to monthly cards. I think they will be the perfect photography prop when baby girl finally makes her appearance.

Is there anything that you packed that I haven't, or anything you think I have forgotten?


  1. These bits are so pretty!! Post like these make me wish I could do it all over again.

  2. I love everything you have included here and will definitely use this post for reference when it's time to pack mine! That little sister sleepsuit is adorable as is the knitted blanket! And you can't beat a Jellycat bunny (or two!) :) xx

  3. Love everything you have there lovely. So excited!


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