38 Weeks Pregnant [Baby Number Two]

Due date
June, 28th

I hate filling in this little section because I feel like I am always so negative, but I guess that is just a true representation of how I feel. I'm so worried about leaving Emily, and labour. That aside the thing I am most scared of is the depression that might follow after, I mean it isn't guaranteed that I will get postnatal again, but given that I had it with Emily and still struggle it is highly likely. I guess once she is here we will find out - although it feels like she is never going to arrive. I clearly have stubborn babies, as Emily was exactly the same.

I feel very sick, the heatwave that we had didn't help with that at all, it put me off my food and I spent most of the time eating ice pops and drinking water in a bid to keep hydrated. I'm really looking forward to not experiencing HG ever again! I have had lots of contractions, twitches and pains - although it hasn't yet progressed to anything. I have also been battling horrendous indigestion - thank god for Rennie tablets.

Between the heat keeping me awake, and the heat waking Emily up - sleep has been pretty much non-existant again this week. I wish I could get to sleep but its too hot, and I end up staying up most of the night being sick. The heat wouldn't be so bad to deal with if there was a breeze or something, but there isn't. It's just muggy and humid. No fun when you are pregnant!

We had to take a trip to the hospital, as our baby girl hadn't moved all day. Luckily she is fine, and they monitored her for a little while. Isn't it funny as soon as they monitor the baby they start to kick straight away and make it look as if you are lying? It's best to be safe than sorry though. The midwife said she thinks it was just down to the hot weather.

Food cravings
Ice pops, and cherry tomatoes straight from the fridge.


Highlight of the week
Listening to how excited Emily is about being a big sister. She has been practising changing her baby Annabelle's nappy in preparation and loves to tell everyone that mummy is having a baby soon. She has also become obsessed with being a Doctor. She has her very own stethoscope and loves to listen to baby's heartbeat through it. She is often telling me that I need to lay down so she can listen to her baby sister.

Looking forward to
Meeting our baby girl, oh how I wish she would hurry up.

Baby Development:
38 Weeks: As she prepares herself for birth she will spend a lot of her awake time sucking her hands. 

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