36 Weeks Pregnant [Baby Number Two]

Due Date
June 28th, 2017

We're having a baby this month!! I can't believe that we are finally in the same month as the baby is due! I'm so glad that the end is almost here. This pregnancy has really taken a tole on my mental health, I constantly feel really anxious and unsettled. I feel really insecure too which I know must be doing Sam's head in - it's doing mine in. I've also found myself feeling really worried over silly things that are beyond my control. I have spoken to the midwife about it and we are monitoring my moods. I don't want to go on medication, so we are just seeing how it goes for now.

I have been having lots of strong contractions, although they are not close enough together for them to progress, we are also trying to get to 37 weeks - that's the goal. Obviously with the babies growth being on the small side the longer she is in there, the better. I also have lots of pressure down below still. I saw the midwife and she said that the baby is head down and from what she can tell in a good position so only time will tell.

What is this sleep you talk of? I'm being serious here, I literally have been getting about two hours sleep if that, I'm so tired all the time, which I guess isn't helping with my moods. I have also been getting lots of pain in my lower back which isn't helping either.

As I seem to say every week, she is still very very active. You can see all her kicks and movements when she moves. She seems to wriggle around at nighttime, or when Emily is talking to my bump.
Food Craving: Ice pops and cherry tomatoes (straight from the fridge).


Highlight of the week
While I don't really seem to get up to much during the week at the moment as I have been feeling really sick still, the highlight of this week was definitely getting the crib set up, and ready for baby girl's arrival. Her bedding is washed and in the crib no, also her sleepyhead arrived (there will be a full review soon!). As weird as it may sound, it feels so much more real seeing that set up next to our bed!

Looking forward to
Baby girls arrival!

Baby Development:
Week 36: Your baby's movements will be stronger and more defined, and you may see an outline of a elbow or a knee under the skin of your abdomen.

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