Wooden Tea Set From Lucy Locket [Review]

Emily was lucky enough to receive this gorgeous wooden fairytale tea set to review from Lucy Locket. As you may know I'm a big fan of wooden toys, I much prefer them to plastic ones as I think they last longer, and they are definitely more durable when it comes to toddler play. A tea set is a great way to encourage imaginative play in children. Emily has lots of wooden cakes, and food that goes with her kitchen but she was yet to get a little tea set.

Emily couldn’t wait to open the tea set and it didn’t disappoint either. It is absolutely beautiful, each piece is carefully wrapped in tissue paper to keep it safe. The tea set comes with a serving tray, which has a beautiful fairy and magical creature illustrations. It also comes with two cups and saucers, a tea pot, milk jug, two spoons and two glittery cakes. I love the design, and Emily loved the fact there was glitter.

After unwrapping the tea set, Emily couldn’t wait to play with it. She decided the best place for a tea party would be in her teepee with her bunny and other friends. Emily busied herself making tea for her bunny, and then giving it too him. She offered both me and her daddy a cup too, although she wasn’t keen on offering the two glittery cakes that came with the tea set. She wanted to keep those for herself as they are ‘sparkly’.

Emily loved playing with the tea set, she spent lots of time playing with it, and was happy to independently play with the tea set too, talking to her bunny and showing them how to make tea. It soon become clear to me that Emily had obviously been watching myself and her daddy make cups of tea, and was incorporating that into her imaginary play.

Overall I am really impressed with the quality of the tea set, it is strong and looks durable. Emily has dropped the tray a couple of times already and there has been no damage unlike other products she has played with. The tea set would make the perfect birthday present for any little girl, at just £24 it is a bargain (also free postage and packaging for orders over £20 for those like me who hate paying postage costs).

Lucy locket also offers a range of dress up costumes and other wooden toys, I already have my eyes on wooden biscuits for Emily as a birthday gift. You will find lots of products on their website which are brilliant at encouraging children to use their imaginations through role play.

- I was sent this product in exchange for a honest review. All opinions are my own.


  1. What a lovely tea set, I love the photo of Emily offering her bunny some tea! Sophie loves playing with her tea set too and making everyone cups of tea! x

  2. Oh I love this! My little one loves to pretend to make me tea, and I think he'd love a tea set!

  3. Aww this is adorable. We bought Olly a tea set for Christmas and he loves it. He's always bringing cups of tea to us in the morning. This is a fantastic tea set for little ones

  4. What a lovely tea set. It's so nice to see them play little games by themselves. I love hearing Rosalie act out different things, it's the cutest! Xx

  5. My daughter used to love playing with her tea set. This one looks perfect for a teddy tea party

  6. So cute! I especially love wooden toys as opposed to plastic ones, the quality is so much nicer.


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