What Emily Wore #2

The older Emily gets the harder it is to get a photograph of her, shes such a stubborn, fiesty, fidget bum now. I feel like we have started to turn a corner though, the past couple of weeks she has been asking me to constantly take pictures of her. She has a little pink wooden camera, which she loves to use and pretend to take photographs with. We do plan on getting her the little V-Tech camera for her birthday, as it seems right up her street and something that I know she will get lots of use out of.

Since Emily was so willing to let me take photographs of her this week, I thought I would do another 'What Emily Wore' post. I have been buying lots of new clothes for her recently as she suddenly has shot up. So, she has lots of lovely new outfits - most of which she picked herself and a few bits that I am keeping back for the summer. Most days I really don't have a input on what she wears, she loves to get herself dressed, and undressed, and dressed again. I constantly find piles of clothes on the floor as she will literally change her outfit about 4 times a day!

Most of this outfit is from Next. Emily loves this little denim dresses, she is all about dresses recently and will twirl around and tell anyone who listens that she is a 'princess' (or a superhero depending on her mood). This dress has a gorgeous frills around the collar and the sleeves. and buttons right down the front. I teamed it with a little white cardigan from primark - which was a complete bargain at about £4. You can never have enough white cardigans with toddlers. Emily also wore these gorgeous tan chelsea boots from Next. I managed to get them in the sale for the bargain price of £12. They have a cute bow detail on the back, and zip up down the side. 


  1. Such a cute little outfit!! Love the boots and not forgetting Emily who is just adorable xx

  2. Those boots are EVERYTHING! I need them for me and the 3 girls!

  3. What a sweet outfit!! Loving the denim dress, cardi and boots combo - looks so good. She has such a cute smile. We got the V Tech camera for Isla's birthday and she LOVES it! Thanks so much for linking up with #whatmykidwore :) x

  4. I want this outfit!! So cute and those boots are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing with #whatmykidwore x


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