The Girls' Bedroom Makeover

As I have mentioned before, my girls are going to be sharing a bedroom. Of course baby girl wont be going into Emily's room straight away, but I wanted to get it all decorated and done before she arrived. I really don’t fancy decorating it while I have a newborn and toddler to watch, and also I wanted Emily to get used to the changes before her sister arrived and there was more changed. Emily's room was previously grey and pink, and although they were both light colours, the room looked so dark. There is one window in their room and it's in such an awkward position that it barely lets in any light.

I wanted to get a lighter colour for their bedroom, as I hoped it would brighten it up. It took me forever to find an off white pink colour to go on their walls, but I'm happy to say I finally found one. I went with a Crown paint in the colour Creme de la rose. It is a bright, light colour with a slight pink tone to it. It opens the room up so much more, and makes the room look so much bigger.

We also wanted to get Emily a new bed, Emily has a cot bed, which she was previously using but she just wouldn't settle at night. She would constantly wake up, or wriggle to the bottom of the bed and then wake crying. The broken sleep was destroying us, I would wake up on average 10-15 times a night to move her back up her bed and settle her back to sleep again. I knew having a single bed would be a massive adjustment for her, but one that I knew would be worth the couple of nights disrupted sleep. Well, I have to admit I was wrong, as soon as we built her bed, and added her new covers she had no problem settling. She went straight to sleep.

I wanted to keep with the floral theme in Emily’s bedroom, as I have always liked floral and it would be better than replacing all of the things Emily already had in her room. I also changed Emily's shelves, she previously had the ikea spice racks, but I wasn't keen on them, although they did the job they didn't really fit in her room. The white picture ledges go so much better with her kallax unit and it looks more uniformed.

Some of the decorations we purchased for the girls bedroom..

Floral storage baskets from my 1st years

I actually got the girls one each, they are both personalised with the girls names. I love the look of these little baskets (we went for the small size), Emily's is full of her wooden animals and I'm going to be using the babies one to store nappies and wipes in next to our crib. The girls have two bigger pale pink floral baskets which store her cuddly toys, that were purchased from Aldi.

Rabbit Storage Bag
I originally purchased this one as a laundry basket. It matches the girls bunny bedding, but it has ended up holding the remainder of the soft toys that Emily has accumulated. 

These two gorgeous prints were from a little shop I found on instagram called sweetpea paperie. They have a wide range of prints, and they come in lots of different colours. I went with a blush foil print, as the girls room is pale pink and the colour matches perfectly. The other framed picture I made myself, its little crochet bunnies with our family names underneath. I actually plan on selling these, so let me know if you are interested on twitter or instagram!

I would love to know what you think of the girls room!


  1. The girls room looks amazing, you've done a great job! I love that it all coordinates together and the bunny bedding is lovely too! xx

  2. love this style of room - really pretty, and the tipi is amazing! I like that the walls are natural but jazzed up with the furniture and accessories x

  3. It looks gorgeous, I love the star crochet rug. It's the little things that make it x

  4. Aww it looks lovely. I adore the baskets. So cute. The rug in the teepee is also fab x

  5. I think it's beautiful - the little finishing touches are amazing x x

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