Girls Bedroom Wishlist

Emily will soon be sharing a room with her little sister, in prepartation for that I wanted to give her room a little make over before her sister arrives and life gets too busy. Emily's room has always been my favourite in our home, when we moved in we painted it a light pink and grey colour, two walls of each colour. Her room then ended up looking really dark, and the light colours we picked were not quite light enough. I want to stick with a off white/pink colour when I repaint it - if I can find one. 

I figured that since we were going to be getting Emily a 'big girl' bed as she calls it, that we would paint it before we got that, as we would have to move everything around in her room to fit in the new bed. We looked high and low for a bed that we liked, and couldn't agree on anything. Eventually we found the perfect bunk beds, they are made of solid pine and are a white colour - which fits in perfectly with her room as most of Emily's furniture is white already. Once the bed was picked the rest was pretty easy. It was a case of finding the perfect accessories to go into their room, to make it look homely but not cluttered. As we have the bunk beds and a cot in there the space is quite tight. 

Here are a few of the accessories I have been looking at.

Bunny Lampshade | Flower NightLight | House Shelf

Sass + Belle Bunnies | Some Bunny Banner | Adventure Banner | Rainbow Cushion
Print | Sunshine Cushion | Bunny Hook | Rabbit Laundry Hamper 

As you can proberbly tell, we are going with a bunnies and rainbows theme in the girls room. Emily already has lots of bunny things, and since both of my girls are rainbows I knew it would be fitting to sprinkle the room with rainbows.

What do you think?

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