35 Weeks Pregnant [Baby Number Two]

Due date: 28th June 2017

This week has been a little all over the place, as i mentioned last week I was supposed to have a mental health assessment, after the build up all week the appointment actually got moved to this week, meaning the anxieties that I had surrounding the appointment were magnified. I clearly don't do well when people change appointments. I felt so anxious and nervous all week about the upcoming appointment. In all honestly it was fine - like I deep down knew it would be. The assessment is just a precaution encase I'm unlucky enough to get post natal depression again this time around, at least I know if it happens then I have some kind of support in place.

I also had a growth scan and consultant appointment this week, as I mentioned in previous weeks, babygirls growth hasn't been where they wanted it to be. She has been on the small side, and there has been talk of being induced and lots of other things. I'm happy to report, while she is still behind on growth - she IS growing! The consultant is happy enough with her growth to leave her there for another week and see how she does. As for preterm labour, so far it hasn't progressed anymore, which is good news. She is still head down, and pushing down. I'm still having contractions that stop me in my tracks often and have been advised to carry on taking it easy, but we are almost at 37 weeks now. I feel like that is a accomplishment. Once we get to 37 weeks she is free to come whenever she wants. The midwife said she wouldn't be surprised if I go into labour at about 37 weeks as my body is showing all the signs of being ready. I definitely feel ready for it to just happen now.

I have been having lots of labour like symptoms, I have so much pressure down below - what do people even call that? I literally feel like I'm somehow going to squish her when I sit down. I have been told its because she is so low and pushing down. I have also been having lots of contractions - I have had braxton hicks but I've also had stronger contractions that literally stopped me in my tracks. I think when your in preterm labour it is so important to know the difference between braxton hicks and stronger contractions.

what is sleep? no seriously, I can't sleep. Between the anxiety that is keeping me awake and pregnancy insomia I feel like I never ever sleep. Emily has also started waking up at 5am, and telling me it is time to get up because it is sunny outside.. think it might be time to invest in a black out blind. eek.

Baby E is still very very active. She is constantly kicking me in my ribs and rolling about. I'm sure she must be running out of room now though.

Food craving
Cherry tomatoes straight out the fridge, and ice pops.

It's a GIRL!

Highlight of the week
I went out for a meal this week, kind of like a baby shower. It was lovely to spend time with people who I class as important people in my life, and just talk about random things. Being so poorly this pregnancy, and being stuck on bedrest for weeks hasn't helped my moods, and it also hasn't made me excited for our baby girls arrival - not that I'm not excited, I just don't really have the energy to be super excited. It was nice to just talk to people about her, and what she might be like, and have a change of scenery even if I did feel very sick afterwards.

Looking forward to
Baby girl's arrival!

Baby Development
Week 35: Her digestive system is almost complete and her lungs are almost fully mature.

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  1. Fab news that she is growing, although I hope she stays put a little longer! The end is in sight and I'm so excited for you all! x


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