Where's Bunny Gone?

Emily has a comforter called brown bunny, you may have seen it appear on my blog many times. She has a medium pink bunny, which she has had since birth – although at the time she wasn’t really interested in it. It was way too big for her to snuggle up to, and she used to get frustrated by it. When I went shopping I saw some smaller jellycat bunnies in the shop, only Emily spotted it at the same time as me and decided in that moment, brown bunny was coming home with us. She cried for the bunny when I tried to put it back and up until that point, I had never seen her get attached to something. So, I caved and let her have it. God forbid we forget bunny, or misplace it – who knew a child having a comforter could be so stressful. I honestly feel like I have another child!

A couple of months back, Sam took Emily to Tesco, and I stayed at home. He managed to get around the shop, get our shopping and come home. Brilliant I thought – nope, not so brilliant. The first thing Emily said to me when she walked through the door was ‘where’s bunny gone’. In that moment my heart sunk, I knew she took it with her, Sam said ‘yes, she had it in the trolley’. So where was it? We looked through the bags – no bunny. Cue tears from the toddler, and panic set it. How on earth would we get her to sleep without this blasted bunny. Yes she has a spare, but its not the same and she hates it. She won’t be fooled.

Sam retraced his steps back to the car – no bunny. I then phoned Tesco, waited on hold while someone looked about for the bunny, and came back to tell me those dreaded words – no bunny. Sam then decided he would drive to Tesco, to see if he could find the bunny himself. Low and behold I receive a text from Sam. He only went and found the bunny. Relief. Honestly the relief we felt finding that bunny, was better than winning the lottery. Since then we have been super careful with bunny. Whenever we go out, we check and double check that we have bunny.

I thought I’d put together a little post, because if your child has a comforter, I know you are going to be able to relate to this!

It stinks and god forbid you try and wash it. Emily has had her bunny for aslong as I can remember, and she won’t part with it. When she was poorly, bunny got a bit covered in puke – yes discusting but that’s the reality of parenting folks. We had to wash it, there was literally no other choice. I put the bunny in the washing machine, feeling accomplished and thinking to myself ‘yes she hasn’t noticed yet’, hoping that I got away with it. Nope, sadly I didn’t. She saw bunny spinning in the washing machine with 10 minutes left of a cycle. She broke down in hysterics, crying, trying to pull the door of the washing machine off, and refused to move from infront of it. There was no way that she was going to wait until bunny was dry. So we ended up driving to our laundrette, to put bunny in the tumble dryer. Cue more crying, as she sat infront of the dryer watching him tumble around and around. I’m sure that must have been the most stressful 20 minute wait of our life. Safe to say all attempts to wash bunny since have been abandoned.

You can't loose it. If you do I really feel sorry for you. Speaking from experience, I know Emily will not sleep without her beloved bunny. You find yourself constantly saying ‘have you got bunny’ while you’re out shopping. I am constantly looking over Emily’s shoulder to see where bunny is, and having little mini heart attacks if I can’t see it.

A replacement doesn't cut it. We have a spare, it is exactly the same. As soon as we try and trick her by giving her the spare, we get ‘that’s not my bunny’ and if you don’t produce the right bunny, there will be tears. I have tried washing it. I have tried just swapping them and not saying nothing. It doesn’t work. Not even when she is in a sleepy haze.

It's like having an extra child. I’m sure I spend just as much time worrying about that blasted bunny, as I do Emily. It’s like a check list before we go out, phone, keys, shoes, toddler, bunny. Then the whole time we are out I’m constantly checking she still has it.

Every photograph has bunny in. Every single one. It’s not even funny anymore.

The love they have for that comforter is mesmerizing, and no matter how stressful it may be for us as parents to keep track of the comforter. It is so worth it to see them happy, and you soon come to realise, happiness is all that matters. 


  1. Aww neither of my girls have ever had a comforter like that. They both just like their muslins! Which I'm glad about because we have lots of them :)

  2. Lol ours changes but at the moments it's a blaze and the monster machines truck. It is stressful having to find him everytime we leave the house. He's been lost and replaced then found again so we now have two. The same happened when his lightening McQueen car was flavour of the month lol.

  3. Olivia has become really attached to blankets and taggie's at the moment. Luckily we have loads of blankets from when she was a baby and she has couple of comfort blankets but her favourite is definitely her taggie.


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