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We were recently sent some Little Angels Potty Training pants to try out with Emily. We are currently trying to tackle the dreaded potty training, and it is going a lot smoother than I first thought it would. I have had lots of comments about getting Emily out of nappies before baby arrives, and that’s not something we are really bothered about. I would rather her be comfortable and confident in the decision to potty train, rather than feel forced into it.

Little Angels Potty Training pants help support your little ones independence. They are the perfect in between step between a nappy and ‘big girl’ pants (as Emily would say. These pants are designed for toddlers on the move, giving them the freedom and flexibility for comfortable jumps, turns and twists. We have been testing them out for about two weeks now, and Emily really likes them. She is confident enough to pull them up and put them on herself.

The potty training pants have a special absorbency balance to help your child learn when they need to go to the toilet, whilst still protecting them against leaks. We haven’t had one leak or mishap since Emily has been using them. They have increased her confidence in telling us when she needs a wee, and picking her own design of training pants. The pants have a super stretchy side panel as well as tear away side seams to make changing time quick and easy.

While we are big fans of the Potty Training pants, the only thing that lets me down is the packaging and marketing. Emily isn’t your stereotypical girl, while she likes pink and girly things. She prefers cars, planes, trains, basically anything that moves. I was disappointed to see that the pink flower packs, are aimed at girls. The blue car pack, aimed at boys. When Emily saw the packs on the shelf in Asda, she automatically seeked reassurance from us that they were not ‘boys ones’, and asked if she could have them. The packet itself has a little boy on it, it’s blue, and has cars. While I’m not worried about the packaging, my 2.5 year old clearly was, so maybe that is something that ASDA will work on.

We were also sent some ASDA Little angels newborn nappies for baby’s arrival. You can never have too many nappies! I was really impressed with the value for money, the big saver packet (containing 70 nappies) was priced at just £3. We have stocked up on more of these nappies before our little lady arrives, it is defiantly a smart idea to stock up in the months before baby arrives, as having a baby can be expensive, as it is impossible to know what size your baby is going to be, Asda are happy to refund or exchange any unopened bag of Little Angels Newborn Nappies – leaving one less thing to worry about.

The secure flexi-fit helps prevent leaks up to babies back, they are super soft for babies extra delicate skin leg cuffs, and gently elasticated to prevent leaks, and help prevent umbilical irritation. Cleary, they really have thought about everything. The time-to-change wetness indicator helps you know when it is time to change babies bum. Overall, I am really impressed with the quality, and the value for money, I can’t wait to test out the nappies when little lady arrives.

- I was sent the product for the purpose of this post, however all opinions are my own.

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