Emily's Easter Basket

This Easter will be Emily's third Easter, also the third year I have made her a Easter basket. These posts have always been popular so I do try to do them when the time comes around (we also do Halloween and Christmas eve baskets). I much prefer the idea of giving Emily things for Easter rather than a big chocolate egg - which I'm sure she will get from family anyway. I do buy her small bits of chocolate cause after all it wouldn't be Easter without some chocolate.

So here is what Emily has got in her basket this year, white bunny, a small chick, rabbit and box of mini eggs. She also has a kinder egg which I will likely use in her Easter egg hunt rather than giving her it in her basket. I also picked up this paint your own bunny and egg kit, Emily loves bunnies, and I thought it would be cute for her to paint her own which we then can keep to go on her shelf in her bedroom. I also included two Lanka Kade wooden bunnies in the basket, Emily has been building a collection of the Lanka Kade animals for a while now - as we plan to get her the noah's ark for Christmas. So when I saw these cute little bunnies I knew they would be the perfect addition. I got one painted bunny, and one natural. The natural bunny will be a decoration on her shelf, and the painted one matches her others. 

The next few bits I managed to pick up in Flying Tiger. I got Emily some Egg chalks last year, and she loved them, they are nearly all gone actually from over use. When I saw some more that were practically the same, I knew I had to get them for her. I also picked her up a paper doll kit, if you read my blog often you know Emily is into her arts and crafts, anything that she can stick, colour, or paint and she is happy with. The last thing I got was a little random, but Emily has been watching episodes of Bing, and other gardening programs on cbeebies. I found this cute little tray, and thought it would be perfect to grow cress in. I picked up some seeds and popped them into her Easter basket. She has been asking to grow some plants or flowers for a while now, so I know she will love this addition to her basket.

The last few bits are some of my favourites. I picked up two books one is 'if i were the Easter bunny', and the other is 'that's not funny bunny'. We have already read them quite a few times and thats not funny bunny has become one of Emily's favourites. They both have beautiful illustrations, and are fairly straight forward books to read. Perfect for toddlers. I also got Emily the plan toys Egg Percussion set. They are brightly coloured, each with guiro on one side and all with a different sound when shaken. You can Shake, scrape or hit them with the little percussion stick that comes in the box. Each egg also comes with a stand, so when they are not in use they can be beautifully displayed and they won't roll away.

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