Easter Weekend

Easter has been a little bit hectic for us, we did our usual Easter egg hunt, at Sam’s mums this year. Then decided it would be a good idea to decorate Emily’s bedroom, move it all around and put up her new bunk beds up. Sam had four days off so it seemed like the perfect opportunity and a good use of his time off. Let me assure you – it’s not a good idea to try and put 60+ self-tap in screws, into a bed when you are 7 months pregnant. By the time, we finished her bedroom I was absolutely wiped out. I am really happy with it, and it is one less job for us to do though.

Emily had the best time hunting for Easter eggs. We were kindly sent an Easter egg hunt kit by Cadbury which we put to good use, and Emily had kinder eggs and a few toys to find too. As Emily has lots of grandparents she tends to get presents rather than chocolate – which is a good thing in my mind, as she would never eat it, and we still have chocolate from Christmas! She was lucky enough to get lots of treats. She managed to fill her basket with chocolate which we later melted down to make Easter nests.

Emily was kindly given a bubble machine lawn mower from her Nanny, which she put to good use straight away. Like most children her age she loves bubbles! I managed to get some beautiful pictures of Emily with the bubbles, which was actually pretty useful as we plan to update the pictures in our frames in our lounge. She was also given some plan toy percussion eggs which have been a massive hit. She loves to bash them, and make as much noise as possible. She also found her Kinder Easter egg at the end of the hunt and her Easter basket (you can find out what is in that here).

We spent the whole day in the garden, which was lovely and the sun was shining. I literally cannot wait for summer now! Warmer weather, BBQ’s, and a new baby to squish!


  1. Oh these photos are gorgeous! It won't be long until baby girl is here, I can't wait to see photos of her! I'm so looking forward to summer now too x

  2. Oh what a wonderful weekend. Photos are smashing!!

  3. Such beautiful photos. She's looking so grown up xx


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