Alternative Easter Egg Hunt!

With Easter coming up, everyone has gone crazy buying chocolate. While we do buy Emily a few little eggs, I try not to let her have too much chocolate, as she would literally just eat it all day. Emily was sent these L.O.L surprise dolls as a alternative Easter gift for her Easter egg hunt - and she couldn't be happier to receive them.

Emily couldn't wait to find these and unwrap the surprise. With each doll you get 7 layers of fun! Every layer you unwrap from the ball, you'll reveal a new mystery, each mystery comes in a little pink package which has a clue leading up to what doll you are going to receive. Emily absolutely loved unwrapping the dolls. After the reveal, you can then feed or bath your little baby doll! Each baby has a different surprise, she might cry, spit, tinkle or even change colour!

The seven layers of suprise include
1 - secret message sicker
2 - collectible sticker sheet
3- water bottle charm
4 - shows
5 - outfit
6 - accessory
7 - L.O.L surprise dolls with a water surprise.

Emily absolutely loves the L.O.L dolls, I would definitely recommend them, and we have brought her a couple as treats/incentives for potty training. Emily has kept the eggs and uses them as little bags as they come with handles that attach to the eggs. There is also a variety of colours. We have one pink egg and one blue so far! 

L.O.L suprise dolls are sold in all good toy shops, such as Argos and Smyths. They have RRP of £7.99 and are suitable for age 3+. 

- I was sent the product for the purpose of this post, however all opinions are my own.

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