27 Weeks Pregnant [Baby Number 2]

Due Date: June 28th, 2017

Mood: This week I have been feeling so much more anxious than last week, I tried to stay busy as we still have so much to do before little lady is born. I moved around our bedroom to accommodate new baby bits, and then redecorated Emily's bedroom as she is getting a new bed and eventually the girls will be sharing. It needed a fresh coat of paint anyway, but I wanted it to be done a while before baby is here, as I feel like a new baby, and a new big girl bed (She is moving from a toddler bed to a single) will be a big deal all at once for her. Having a toddler who doesn't sleep already I didn't want to add to the stress of that with the change of bed. I will be posting about the girls room soon, as I love how its turned out. I have also brought some gorgeous accessories for their room. 

The only problem with keeping busy, is I may have overdone it slightly - although no one tell Sam I admitted to that. I managed to paint Emily's room in 24 hours, and then move the furniture and things, which killed my back. I already suffer with a bad back, but pregnancy seems to make it worse, I guess it is the added extra baby weight. I'm also really anxious about meeting the consultant, and having a growth scan later in the week.

Symptoms: My symptoms haven't been that bad this week - aside from the sickness which I am just coming to terms with the fact that I am more than likely going to have it until baby E is born which is a tough pill to swallow. The sickness is destroying my ability to do things too, as I'm too worried whenever we go out somewhere as I'm scared I'll be sick. 

I'm also feeling like a absolute whale this week, I'm not sure if it is because I have been doing so much (decorating and rearranging) or if i have just ballooned this week. Either way I'm still hating being pregnant and just can't wait to meet our baby girl.

Sleep: Sleep is still hit and miss, and something I am really struggling with. I can never fall asleep, it is driving me bonkers. I also can't get comfortable, and it seems that baby E is more active at night time. 

Movement: I love feeling baby E kick, honestly it is so reassuring to know that she is kicking away and is clearly fine, but wow she kicks right in the ribs and it hurts. I've also been having lots of braxton hicks, which are worrying me a little bit (more about that in a minute). 

Food Cravings: Ice cream, or ice pops. Apart from that, I don't really want or fancy anything.

Gender: It's a GIRL!

Highlight of the week: Seeing our little girl this week has been such a positive thing, however the consultant appointment after wasn't too brilliant. Turns our baby E isn't growing as much as she should be (Emily was always small and I put it down to the fact that I am sick so often). There has also been talks of induction too, for various reasons but we wont be deciding what we are doing until later in the pregnancy (about 32-36 weeks). The other thing they were concerned about is the fact that baby E is head down already, and she is pushing down quite alot, making it so uncomfortable for me. With Emily I went into preterm labour at 32 weeks, and they managed to stop it. So I have been told I need to take it easy, as we don't want a repeat of last time - which are why the braxton hicks that I have been having are worrying me. I know it is normal for you to have braxton hicks, but I have been having them so frequently, they literally stop me in my tracks. Definitely something I am trying to keep an eye on.

Looking forward to: Meeting our little girl, I can't believe that I'm almost in the third trimester! eek.

Baby Development: 27 weeks: Thumb-sucking is now one of your baby's main activities, and this will help to strengthen her cheek and jaw muscles.

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