What Emily Wore

It feels like forever since I wrote a outfit post for Emily, but as she is getting older her outfits are becoming more fun, mainly because she loves to choose her own clothes these days, and god forbid I ask her to wear anything she doesn't want to. Emily recently got this peekaboo bunny top, which she has been obsessed with. If you are a regular reader you will know just how much Emily loves her bunnies. Anything bunny related and she will happily wear it, or have it. I also thought it would make the perfect alternative Easter gift, so I had to share it with you. 

The Peekaboo top is from a small independent business I found on Instagram called Josh + Ai, They have the cutest little clothes, and I love that they can be personalized. The service was amazing, and I was surprised just how fast my delivery turned up.

Emily decided to pair up her new top with some skinny jeans, these are just some basic ones from Primark, with a elasticated waist, I suppose they are more like jeggings than jeans, but she loves to pretend they are the same as mummy. So who am I to tell her any different. She also opted for her pink converse, which is no surprise to me, as they are the only shoes she will wear. After listening to Emily ask for about 3 months for shoes like daddy, we ordered her some pink gazelles. She put them on her feet, cried her eyes out, said she didn't like them and demanded her converse back. Since then I haven't been brave enough to even tempt her with new shoes, and the gazelle's were returned. Kids hey?!

As you can see getting Emily to stay still long enough for a photograph is hard work, and a picture without her bunny in it - never happens these days. I'm sure she thinks it is like a extra limb. 

Emily - 'Ok, enough no more pictures mama.'


  1. I love that top! Josh & Ai are brilliant. Emily looks super grown up! :)

  2. Haha, no more pics Mummy!
    Yes, my eldest Lily loves choosing her own clothes now and got to respect their style :)
    Growing up fast!

  3. Kids are hilarious!! (and hard work!). My toddler sounds very similar with her 'I want to dress myself' attitude and opinion on shopping haha. Loving her top - it's super cute and really suits her. Also loving all her expressions - too cute :) Thanks for linking up with #whatmykidwore! xx


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