Picking Emily's First Bike!

Emily will be three this year, and she is obsessed with all vehicles. It started when she was younger, at first it was strictly cars and trains she was interested in. Now it is cars, planes, buses, trains, vans, bikes, basically anything that has wheels and goes, she is interested in. Emily has a scuttlebug, and a scooter, but it’s not quite the same as having a big girl bike, is it? I remember for my third birthday, all I wanted was a bike, with a seat for my baby – preferably pink with those little tassels on the handles. Now Emily is coming up for three, she talks about bikes constantly, and we have been thinking of getting her one for either her birthday or Christmas.

We often visit our local Halfords’ store, to pick up the random bits Sam seems to need for his car, and that’s where the obsession for Emily started, she saw a pink cupcake bike, which had a little seat on the back for her baby, and she was obsessed with it. She wanted to get on it, then she wanted to take it home and we had to prize her away from it. While I know that she is a little small for it right now, she has lots of time to grow into it as her birthday still is a good 6 months away. With that in mind, it hasn’t stopped me looking at bikes, and planning which one she would like the most.

So what are the requirements for this bike? Oh, it must be pink, have a seat for her baby, and tassels (you would never guess she is my daughter, right?) I have settles upon two, the cupcake bike, or the Minnie Mouse bike. I’m not sure which is my favourite and I know that Emily would like them both equally, but I am swayed more towards the cupcake one, just because that is the one she picked out in the shop.

Getting a bike, is such a big girl thing to do in my opinion. I remember picking out my first bike, unwrapping the gift and the excitement and happiness I felt at getting that one present I had really been hoping for. It had pink and silver tassels attached to the handles – which I refused to remove. A little seat for my baby, although I think I used to prefer putting my bunny (Betsy) in there instead. It was the best present I ever received, and I was so happy with it. I even got to go and pick out a little cycling helmet to match. I have searched for a picture of me and that bike, but I can’t find one, else I would have loved to share it with you.

Bikes have changed so much during the decades. I remember my Grandma having a 1950’s cruiser that she used to use to go back and forth to work every day, she was devastated when that bike was no longer usable and she had to get a new one. Halfords have put together various different bikes throughout the decades, I would love to hear which one you remember? As a 90’s child for me the BMX is the bike I remember everyone having, and if you didn’t have one, you weren’t part of the ‘cool crowd’.

I hope that Emily has just as much love for her bike as I did. I would love to know what your first bike was? Or what age you brought your little one their first bike.

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  1. I still remember getting my first bike - I painted the seat blue haha

  2. My daughter was never keen on cycling but loved scooting whereas my son was the other way around x x

  3. I remembering learning to ride my bike up and down the street outside my house. Such a exciting moment!

  4. We went with a balance bike for our girls first bikes. They are so confident on them now.


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