Giving It Up For Lent

When I started to think about what to give up for lent, there were lots of things that came to mind, chocolate being one of the first things I thought of. I don’t think I could possibly live without chocolate, then it dawned on me, it might not be the smartest idea to give chocolate up, when I’m 6 months pregnant and suffer with such bad sickness. Sometimes chocolate can be the only sweet thing I keep down which gives me a little energy boost, and can you imagine the hormonal mood swings?

I then started to think of other things, and I wanted to do something a little different to most. Most people give up food and drink, which is an obvious one. Everyone needs food and drink, and there are plenty of people who have such a sweet tooth, or an addiction to caffeine, so for them, it would make sense. For me that’s not the case. I can pretty much take it or leave it, the only thing I drink way too much of is water and that’s not a bad thing – anyway I’m waffling and getting off topic now.

I decided this year, for lent. Instead of giving up something, I am going to write a letter a day. I’ve made a list of people who deserve thanks, who have been there with me through my darkest depressed days and have really made a difference to my life. Even if It is such a small way. Giving up food is such a small sacrifice, but I want to give up my depressed moods – I know that isn’t really going to happen over night, there is no cure for depression, but I believe a positive outlook can make all the difference.

Lent is here, and now is the perfect time to try and make a difference. So why not? I am going to write 1 positive, thankful letter each day, to try and stay positive, but also make a difference to someone else’s day. It can’t be that hard, right? In the spirit of sharing love, and positivity, I’d like to share with you a link to Christian Aid’s ‘Giving it up for Lent’ JustGiving page, so you can read all about their campaign, (you can even set up your own page if you wish). No pressure to do so of course, but if you’d like to visit my page, and donate you can find that here. If you can’t donate, pay it forward and share the love, tell someone how much you appreciate them.

Wish me luck, and keep me updated if I inspired you to share the love.

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