Emily At 2.5 Years

I have been meaning to sit down and write an update for Emily, for a few months now. I miss doing the monthly updates but sitting down each month to write about how much she has changed and developed began to get a little overwhelming. Emily has changed so much and has become her own little person. She is learning new things every day, especially when it comes to her speech and words we don’t want her to say. She has always been a real chatterbox, but lately, It is really shining through. The phrases and words are fast turning into sentences, and sometimes I sit there in a stunned silence, because of the amount she will say. She has a really good sense of humour and has an answer for absolutely everything. She often has me in fits of giggles with her response.

Emily is still in ages 2-3 clothing, although she looks quite small, I was recently told she is tall for her age. I’m sure she gets that from her dad because I am only 5ft3. Despite looking small, I often get people ask how old she is, because of her communication skills. She is quick to talk to anyone who will listen and is comfortable in her own skin. The problem I have is people often think that she is about 3 and ½. So, when she does something that is completely normal for her age, such as snatching. People are quick to judge and comment, little do they realise (until I tell them) she is only 2 and ½ and is still developing those skills.

One of my favourite things about Emily is her sense of adventure and imagination. Emily loves to pretend play, and will often ask if we want a ‘cuppa tea and cake’. Once she gets a yes please she is off to her kitchen to make you one. I seem to spend most of my day pretending to eat cake and ice cream. While having a good imagination is something that I really want for her, I wish it wasn’t so over active. Emily is often waking up at night telling me all about these ‘naughty spooky monsters’ who are hiding in her Teepee. She has a nightlight in her bedroom which she will not sleep without. I am fully aware that there is nothing there, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t real to her. She also has a pretend puppy who often follows her places.

Emily knows her alphabet, lots of people say that they pick up rhythms, patterns, and songs pretty easily. At first, I thought that is what she had done, she was singing A-Z correctly, but I didn’t think that she would acknowledge the letters if they were in front of her. Well, Sam and I got a complete shock, as she knows them all. Even if we don’t ask her in order (for example A-B-C-D..) she will still get them correct. She often sits at the dinner table, telling us the letters on the various sauce bottles.

Emily also can recognise all of her shapes, including ‘heart’, ‘star, and ‘diamond’. She also knows all her colours, her favourite thing to do is tell us what colour the cars are when we pass them. Emily also loves to count, she can count to 15 (we are currently working on 15-20). She is happy to count anything and everything she can, and will also recognise the numbers if they are written down.

One thing that doesn’t surprise me, is our little girl is very tech-savvy. Emily can work my iPhone, I have often found her sitting in my bedroom chatting away to her daddy on my phone – unknown to me, she has managed to phone him. She can also navigate her way around her tablet and doesn’t need any help accessing her favourite apps (YouTube kids, BBC iPlayer kids, Apple video). She also knows how to call the emergency service, she was watching a program about emergency services and what they do. The program was happy to teach her that if she dialled 999 on a phone then it would alert the police, ambulance, or fire engine. Emily loves to tell me ‘I can get a nee nor to come here, push 999’.

Emily dropped her naps a long time ago, she never really needed them as she was full of energy, and often the fight just wasn’t worth it. I did start to notice that Emily was getting very grouchy and irritated half way through the day, so I introduced quiet time. Quiet time has been a lifesaver, when Emily starts to get irritated, she will take herself to her bedroom, often with her iPad and sit in her Teepee or bed for about half an hour. During this time she will watch a program on her iPad and be lots happier once she is done. I have found that since quiet time started, her meltdowns have become a lot less frequent.

We have attempted to start potty training; however, Emily wasn’t really keen. I don’t think that she is actually ready yet. While she understands what, a potty is for, and how to use it. The idea is a scary one for her. At first, she was keen to use the potty but the novelty wore off quickly and she refused to wee or poo unless she had a nappy on. I have decided to just leave it for a couple of months and then try again. I don’t want to force her to potty-train when she isn’t ready, as it can just have a negative effect on her. I know she will get there when she is ready.

Emily doesn’t have many tantrums, but she can still throw one when she doesn’t agree with or want to do something. The one thing that often causes tantrums is what she is wearing. Emily is very particular about her clothing, and what she will wear. I often tend to find her clothing in the boy’s section as she is obsessed with vehicles, dinosaurs and Spiderman. Recently she has become really interested in dresses though. She isn’t really interested in princesses unless it is Sofia the First or Elsa. She does love to dress up and twirl around in a dress, telling anyone who will listen she is a princess.

Emily also loves to talk about her baby sissy. She has a picture of her ultrasound in her bedroom on her shelf which is one of her most loved, and treasured possessions. She will tell anyone and everyone who listen that ‘mama has a baby sissy in her belly’. When I go to the midwife appointments Emily often asks to help the midwife with the Doppler and starts to get really excited and jumps up and down when she can hear her sister’s heartbeat. They are already developing such a strong little bond. Emily will talk to my bump constantly, saying cute little things like 'hi baby sissy, can I see you yet'. She plays hide and seeks with my bump (I know that sounds odd, but it keeps her happy) and as soon as the baby hears her voice, she will constantly kick her hand. Emily finds it hilarious that she moves, and she can feel it with her hand. It's so nice to see that excitement on Emily’s face. I know she is going to be the best big sister.

During this pregnancy, I have been poorly and suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum. Emily has been so kind and caring towards me, while I was being sick (on numerous occasions) she would come and rub my back – something that she had seen her daddy do. She would also sit on the floor next to me, talking to me, and telling me it was ok. Most of the time she would bring me half a roll of toilet paper too – she had attempted to rip off a little bit, but ended up giving me way to much. It is the thought that counts though after all.


Bunny – she is Emily’s most prized possession. Bunny goes everywhere with us.

Thomas the tank, little baby bum, teletubbies (don’t even ask).


Being outdoors and going to the park
Baths and/or showers



I guess the next time I write a little Emily update, she will be a big sister. There isn’t long left of my pregnancy now, and I can’t wait to see how she adjusts to being a big sister.

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