26 Weeks Pregnant [Baby Number 2]

Due Date: 28th June, 2017

Mood: It seems the further I get into this pregnancy the more anxious I become, which is something I really am struggling with. I lay awake at night, trying to get off to sleep but knowing that wont happen, unless I am absolutely shattered which only happens maybe once a week! I'm trying to stay pretty upbeat, but thats proving difficult. I find the further along I am the more I worry about labour, and leaving Emily while I have baby E. The guilt is crippling.

Symptoms: I'm still really struggling with tiredness, but I think this is just down to the fact Emily keeps waking me up, and I struggle to get back to sleep once she has gone back to sleep. I also still feel really sick. I try my best not to moan, complain or mention it - because lets be honest you really don't want to hear about it. Although the reality of the situation is, I'm still being sick a good 2-3 times a day, and most things taste absolutely vile to me recently.

Sleep: Sleep is really hit and miss, I find I struggle to get to sleep a lot more now than I have in the past, I think this comes down to the fact Emily is constantly waking up too. I'm not sure how I am going to manage when Baby E is here, as I get up 3-4 times a night with Emily, sometimes more. I thought she would have got over this stage by now, but she just constantly wakes to see 'if it's morning yet'. 

Movement: I used to say it all the time with Emily, but I'm sure Baby E is going to be active just like her sister. She is constantly on the go, kicking and rolling. She manages to get herself into some awkward positions too, like under my ribs, or laying down low which is really uncomfortable.

Food Cravings: ice pops still! It seems like such a odd thing to be craving, but I did crave the same thing when I was pregnant with Emily.

Gender: It's a GIRL!

Highlight of the week: Seeing lots of little baby grows hanging on the line, I have been slowly getting through the mountain of washing that I have to do before little lady arrives. I feel like everytime I start to think I have caught up, I find tons more things!

Looking forward too: We have a growth scan next week, which I am a little nervous about, but I know that it is likely that it will all be fine. I can't wait to see her squishy little face again.

How your baby grows: week 26: your baby will respond to sound now and she may even move in rhythm to music.

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