Zip & Zoe Backpack Review

The new BabyMel range, Zip and Zoe, offers fashion-forward children a chance to step out with lots of unique styles. There is a stunning line up of backpacks and kids’ accessories to choose from, all designed by the New York artist Matthew Langille. Zip, Zoe and their two pets Dylan and Daisy are his original characters, whose playful style and vibrant adventures are featured throughout the BabyMel range for children. Emily was recently given the opportunity to review a Zip & Zoe backpack, after showing her all the various designs, she picked one and she couldn’t wait for it to turn up.

Emily went for the kids’ backpack in pink floral. The backpack is the perfect size to store all of Emily’s toys and things when we visit nanny’s house. It has a spacious main compartment with plenty of room for books, snacks and toys. It also has a handy size bottle pocket which keeps drinks upright – Emily has actually been using this little pocket to put her bunny in, as she doesn’t like bunny to be hiding. It also has a cute little front zip pocket, which has an illustration of Zoe flying her pet Daisy the dragon – Emily’s favourite thing about the backpack!

The backpacks have adjustable shoulder straps, and clip at the front to make them comfier to carry. Emily never wants to take the backpack off and unlike other backpacks, she doesn’t try to offload it on us. This gorgeous little bag has been our go too bag of choice since it was delivered. It is the perfect bag to hold all of Emily’s bits, and it also means I don’t have to store them in my bag.

The backpack is designed for Kids age three plus, but I think it is the perfect size for Emily who has not long turned two. The bag is made from machine washable polyester, I have found the inside easy to wipe over, whenever Emily has split something too. The bright yellow signature lining has a write on name tag, which is a brilliant idea for children who would use the bag for nursery, preschool or school. The main compartment will also comfortably accommodate books, and school necessities. I have also found the Velcro pocket at the back useful for storing Emily’s IPad.

Overall, I have been really impressed with both the size and quality of the backpack. It is the perfect size for Emily and has been a big hit with her. The range of Zip and Zoe backpacks available is quite extensive, so I’m sure there will be something to please all tastes and interests.

I would love to hear what you think of the range; do you have a favourite print?

- I was sent the product for the purpose of this post, however all opinions are my own.


  1. Fab review! This backpack is gorgeous and I love the print! X

  2. I love this! It's so cute :) brilliant review! ox

  3. Great review lovely. How pretty is that bag! x

  4. Awww this is such a sweet bag! I bet she won't be without it anymore!

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