Tips For Creating An Elegant Dinner Party

I have heard a lot of chatter about dinner party’s being dismissed and not happening anymore. Well I must say I really disagree with that, I often have friends over for dinner, and while it can be a task when you have toddlers, it is totally worth it. As a person who prefers to stay in, rather than venture out. I love nothing more than putting on a spread for dinner guests, playing some games, watching a film, and just being at home. If you think throwing a dinner party is complicated and stressful, let me tell you – it’s not. Hosting in your own home, in your own environment can be simple, fuss-free and easy. So here are my top tips on how to throw a stress free, but elegant dinner party.

Pick a good bunch of friends

sometimes things go wrong at the last minute, especially when you have young children. Pick a group of friends who won’t mind if dinner is a little late, or you have to order in instead of cooking. There have been many times where I have prepped a meal, put it in the oven and my toddler has turned the oven back off again, meaning it didn’t cook and I didn’t think to check until much later.

Don’t overcomplicate things

Don’t decide to be fancy, and cook a meal that you have never cooked before. I always go for good comfort food, things like cottage pie, or a lasagne. They are easy to make, rustle up a few side dishes and everyone can serve themselves. It means you don’t have to worry about dishing up, or not giving someone enough. It also means you won’t be stuck in the kitchen for ages, and makes the meal a little more relaxed.

Be flexible

Like I mentioned above, sometimes things don’t go to plan for you. Also, keep in mind that may happen to your friends too. Make sure you are prepared encase they have to cancel. The good thing about making a lasagne, is if someone cancels it doesn’t matter as you can just freeze the left overs for another day. I also make sure I cook extra encase one of my guest decides to bring someone extra!

Planning is key

if you can prep anything the day before, do it, you will save yourself lots and lots of time. Also, think about your timings and keep on top of it. After all you don’t want to run out of oven space, or end up with a main dish, and a pudding ready all at the same time.


These dinner parties are supposed to be fun, don’t stress over the small things, enjoy the time with your friends and eat good food! There is nothing worse than missing gaps of conversations and ending up flustered.

Finishing touches

Finishing touches are key to giving a dinner party that elegant feel. It doesn’t have to be something really fancy, or even a posh layout, just something to show your guests that you put in the time, thought and effort. We always go for a lovely table cloth, the nice glasses, and some candles. Although candles are not always the best option with toddlers – so I often opt for these flameless LED candles. There can be no accidents with these! 

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