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Hello lovelies, my names Paige and I blog over at Paige's Preferences. I am lucky to be friends with Steph, who runs this blog and kindly have been asked to do a guest post for her. So I thought I would share with you all my top three easy fuss free meals for the family.

So, we all know as mums it can be hard work, tiring etc. The last thing we want to have to worry about is what's for tea tonight? I'm very lucky that I don't have fussy eaters and they both love their veg and fruit, I have two gorgeous boys just under 2 and 4 they would both easily eat Pizza every night if I let them but I like to have healthy meals of an evening as much as I can, we treat them at the weekend and I'm sure nanny gives them pizza most Fridays but these three meals are super easy and a lot more better balanced than pizza and chips.

1. Chilli Con Carne - Ok so I know I said my kids aren't fussy but my Fiancé is, he won't eat kidney beans so I just don't add them in. Instead I put carrot sticks on the side or veg I have going in the fridge obviously, you can add the beans if your family members like them, it’s a simple recipe and takes me no longer than twenty minutes to prep and plate up. I'm super lazy and I buy a packet of 'Chilli con carne' mix, so I brown of my extra lean mince then I get my ready mixed packet and add it to 150ml of cold water, I throw that into the pan with the mince then add 400g of chopped tomatoes, I stir it for a while then just let it simmer for 10 minutes. Whilst this is all going down I have my rice on the boil, my tip is one cup of rice to two cups of water to get the perfect consistency or there is always microwavable rice! Voila you have a meal, added vegetables optional.

2. Stew - My absolute favourite dish, Beef being my favourite, I'm not a big meat eater but beef when it has been stewed is just divine. Obviously if your family are vegetarians you can skip the beef part. What I love about this dish is I can get it all prepped the night before, I cut all my vegetables and potatoes and put it in my slow cooker filled with water, thyme, rosemary, gravy granules and a bistro cube with a sprinkle of salt and pepper. I then quickly fry of the beef before the school run throw that into the slow cooker and it’s good to go until later, during the day I add more gravy granules if needed and give it a little stir other than that it’s good to go when you are ready for it. If you're a busy working parent the last thing you will want to do is prepare a meal for everyone when you get through the door a stew is perfect for the days, you really can't be bothered to cook and it gets you’re five a day in there. Even better if there’s some left either freeze and batch up or have it the next day, my mum always said to me next day stew always tastes better.

3. Lasagne - Another mincemeat meal but it’s delicious and super easy. Brown of your mince, get a good dish and layer mince to pasta sheets. Pour Dolmio being my favourite tomato sauce on your mince first and get some of the Dolmio creamy white sauce for the pasta toppings, keep layering then when you get to the top sprinkle with a little cheese. I like to add vegetables with mine but you could always put those on the side, garlic bread is a great side order with this or wedges. You could do the wedges healthier if you just cut potatoes into wedges, boil sprinkle with your favourite spices or leave plain and oven cook them with some spray light. Again, if you're a vegetarian you could use Quorn mince instead of lean mincemeat.

I hope these come in handy if you are someone who thinks I can't cook for anything, believe me before children I got by on beans on toast or just something I could get out the freezer and bang into the oven. Things are a lot easier than you think, I might do some more of these quick and easy meal ideas over on my blog. Let me know if you haven't cooked these before and intend on doing so, pictures too! Thanks for having me Steph x

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