Dear, Spooky Monster Leave My Daughter Alone.

Dear, Spooky Monster

While we haven’t actually met, I think it is time we had a chat. I’m getting fed up of being woken at 2am, or 4am or whatever ungodly hour to be told by a toddler in tears ‘mama, the spooky monster is in my teepee’. Why are you in her teepee? Do you not know you are supposed to SLEEP at night time, not wake up my toddler. Why do you feel it is necessary to make her scared of one of her favourite things, now I know your just a figment of her imagination and I have to admit, I am quite damn proud that she has such a good imagination at such a young age. BUT the fact remains, you need to go. I can’t keep walking up every couple of hours, to comfort my upset toddler because you are hanging about in her bedroom.

I’m sorry spooky monster, but it’s the end of the road for you. You can no longer live here, lets be honest, it wasn’t going to work out anyway. You don’t do any housework, you don’t cook, or clean up after my toddler. You definitely don’t make her happy – so you have no business hanging around.

Last night, rather than dismissing Emily’s fears and telling her there is no monster, we confronted you together. I encouraged her to stand up to you, because it just isn’t working for me. The lack of sleep and the pregnancy symptoms are just becoming to much. When she woke up at 2am, rather than tell her your not real. I told her to be firm. I told her ‘That spooky monster is naughty, tell him its bedtime and he needs to go to sleep’. It must of worked, because she’s not woken up since.

Bye monster, hopefully this means I now get a good nights sleep tonight.


One TIRED pregnant Mama, who just wants to sleep. 

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