Books To Prepare Your Child For A Siblings

Emily is very excited about becoming a big sister. It is all she talks about, you can see the excitement in her face and there is nothing more magical than seeing your child get excited when they are talking about their sibling. One of the things I have really been worried about is how she will adjust to being a big sister, and sharing her parents once baby E is actually here. There is of course, a massive difference between talking about it, and it actually happening. 

In preparation for baby E's arrival, we have brought Emily some books, to help her learn as much about the baby as possible. We have also been trying to get her as involved as possible in the decision making of clothing, bedding and things. She has also been with us while we have had ultrasounds and has her very own copy of the ultrasound in a frame in her room, which we often find in her bed at night. So I thought I would share with you our top picks of baby books, that prepare your little one for their sibling.

While this isn't a book that will be helpful to everyone, i have really found it helpful. How to be a HG Hero helps children understand hypermesis gravidarum, it is aimed at pre-school aged children and the book enables them to understand what is happening in their world and how they can take a proactive approach as a member of the family 'team'. The book follows a little child and his mum, through a HG pregnancy. I have found this book so helpful as it has helped explain to Emily what is going on and also it made positive suggestions to help the child help the situation.

What's in your tummy mummy?
There is something inside mummy's tummy. I don't know what it could be. Perhaps it's a buzzing flea or a chimpanzee?This book is such a warm hearted read, it has its funny moments and is guarenteed to have your little one laughing. The pictures are bright, eye-catching and full of various toys. Emily loved this book as she was able to lift the flaps to see what was inside mummy's tummy!

Snuggle the baby
This is Emily's favourite book, she will sit and play with this book for hours. Snuggle the baby is an interactive book, that teaches a child 'how to care for a baby'. The book comes with a little doll and other accessories you can pop out and use through the book. From swaddling to shushing, the book incorporates real tactics for newborn-care which I think is going to Emily understand why we are doing certain things with her baby sister once she arrives. Interactive activities include tickling, feeding, changing swaddling, rocking and tucking the baby into bed. The book is not only perfect for soon-to-be older siblings, but also perfect for doll-crazy toddlers. If I had to recommend one book to get, it would definitely be this one.

When your small, waiting for anything to arrive can seem like it takes a lifetime. I often find Emily asking me if I can 'get her baby sissy out', and I have to explain that we have to wait a little while longer. This book has helped her understand there are lots of things to sort out before she arrives, such as clothes, toys and a place to sleep. While a new addition to the family is a exciting thing, it can also be very worrying and confusing for siblings. This is a very basic book, and I would say this one is aimed more at young toddlers.

'There's a house inside my mummy, where my little brother grows, or maybe it's my sister, no-one really knows'
This beautifully written book is a lovely bedtime story, it is told with humour and a simple rhyming text. The book also touches on pregnancy symptoms such as tiredness, sickness and cravings in a way that toddlers may understand and be able to help. It really is the perfect book for all expectant brothers and sisters!

I would love to hear what your favourite book is.


  1. We had "There's a house inside my mummy" and it is brilliant. We also had a book called "Dino Baby". Dino Baby is fab as it teaches them to share with the baby and to be gentle. Much needed with my bull dozer pre-schooler. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  2. Love the look of these books they are so cute! I got a couple when Lawson was coming and got Oscar a doll and nappies to see if he could do it aha! I got the doll for him to practise holding too and the importance of the head etc. I bet Emily is so excited bless her, I can't wait to see her xx


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