Babybond Gender Scan [Baby Number 2]

When we found out we were expecting another baby, of course we were thrilled. While being pregnant is supposed to be a happy time, for me it really isn’t. I have mentioned before how anxious I get when I am pregnant, this time around I have also been really poorly which added to the anxiety. I had so many questions buzzing around my head 'what if my sickness meant that baby wasn't growing properly', and 'would I know if something wasn't right'. When I was pregnant with Emily we decided to get a Gender scan, so we figured we would do the same this time around. Sure, Sam and I are so inpatient and really wanted to know the gender, but it was more about IF the baby was ok.

We decided to book with babybond again, it is where we had our private scan with Emily, and somewhere I just feel comfortable. If you haven't ever experienced a private scan, or are debating getting one. I really would recommend it. I found them so reassuring, and just what I needed. I am by no means discrediting the NHS - I think they are an amazing service, and we are so lucky to have them, but I do find you are rushed in and out as they have so many people to see in one day, which never helps my anxiety.

It was nice to be greeted with a familiar face too - Jill the sonographer was the lady who carried out our private scans with Emily, and I couldn't have been more thrilled to see her again. She genuinely cares about the baby, and the scan. She takes her time, and explains everything as she is going along. She also makes sure that your partner and child (if you have one) are involved in the whole process. When I had the scan, I was 17 weeks and 2 days, I couldn't believe how much my little baby had grown since our last scan. All our checks were perfect, and I'm happy to say that our baby is growing perfectly. A little on the small side, but so was Emily, and with the amount of weight I have lost due to Hyperemesis Gravidarum it’s not something that I am concerned about.

Then came the moment of truth, to determine the sex of the baby. I had a feeling it was a little girl, and told everyone so many times before the scan. Emily was also convinced it was a little girl who she calls 'Rosie Rose' (not a name we will be using, but it’s cute all the same). Sam was on the fence and didn't really mind what it was. Jill had to get a view of the baby's bottom to determine the sex. Once she did, I honestly had no clue what we were looking at. She handed Sam a sheet of paper, with two ultrasound pictures on. One showing a girl, and one a boy. He then had to guess what he thought it was. Immediately he knew it was a girl, as he had already done the same thing with Emily. Jill then confirmed we are having a little girl! We could not be any more excited if we tried. Emily is thrilled she is having a baby 'sissy' too.

Jill printed us off plenty of pictures, honestly, I was so amazed at how clear they were. We also got to see Baby E in 4D. We could see all of her little features developing, it is something that I will never forget. We took Toni (Emily's godmother) along with us to keep an eye on Emily whilst we had the scan. In our previous scans, Emily has been absolutely distraught by the whole thing, so we wanted to make sure we had someone with us to watch her encase she freaked out. I'm happy to say she loved it. She really enjoyed waving at the baby on the screen, and was happy to listen while she was being told where the head and feet were. Since we have had our scan, she hasn't stopped talking about it. Toni found the whole thing pretty amazing too.

Once our scan was finished, Jill printed us off plenty of pictures. She also printed off Emily her own picture and popped it into a little envelope which I thought was a lovely touch. She really made Emily feel like she was part of the whole experience and that means the world to me.


If you are on the fence about whether or not you want to go for a private scan, I would say go for it. The primary purpose of the scan is a wellbeing check of fetal heartbeat and movement. It is also a professional opinion on the sex of the baby.

the appointment includes:
15-minute diagnostic appointment
Babybond wellbeing checklist
sexting of the baby
2D ultrasound b/w prints in a sleeve
Plus, a 4DFREEVIEW with 3D ultrasound b/w print in sleeve.

You can find out more about the scan here.


  1. Aw, another girl, how lovely to have little sisters.
    We didn't have gender scans, as I wanted a surprise, but we paid for some early private scans because I was so anxious during my pregnancies. I'd previously had a missed miscarriage, where we didn't know anything was wrong until our first scan at 12 weeks, so the reassurance of having the scans really helped.

  2. Congratulations. Two sisters together who I am sure they will be the best of friends. We had a 4D scan with my first but already knew his gender from NHS scan which was confirmed at the 4D scan, and it was amazing. Wanted another one with our second but couldn't really justify the cost when money was already tight. Lovely that you had a great experience and could feel reassured that baby is okay.

  3. congratulations! Two little girls will be so fun. I find the 4D scans so amazing but they didn't offer it when I was pregnant x

  4. Congratulations! We never found the gender when we were having our daughter as we wanted a surprise!

  5. Oh wow congratulations on another girl! How exciting for you guys xxx

  6. It sounds like you had a lovely experience! I think it's lovely that they involved Emily and I know she loves the photo of her baby sissy! She will make an amazing big sister xxx

  7. Aw congratulations on another girl. I didnt have private scans but I was high risk so I had lots on the NHS and I think the extra scans definitely reassured me that everything was ok. I'm a worrier so if I hadn't of had them on the NHS I would have paid to have them privately x x

  8. We had the same type of scan done on our first but on our second. It included a video as well.


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